Summer Weekly Recap Week 2

Two weeks down, many more to go. My summer so far has been a blur, but we have been having lots of fun. Here's the recap from week 2.

Wednesday June 16

Wednesday was a on the go kind of day. Austin had safety town in the morning on the other side of town at the Fire Station. While he was there Ella, Audrianna and I ran to Walmart for a few things. When we picked him up we had an hour and a half before he had summer camp. Instead of going home for 30 minutes or so we grabbed McDonalds for lunch and headed to a park. 

Audrianna is loving being a big kid and sitting at the picnic table instead of in her stroller. 

While we were eating we had a show from a wood pecker. Austin thought it was the coolest thing the way he walked up the tree. 

After the park we took Austin to summer camp then home to relax. Ella went to her dad's this night. Brian and Austin spent a little time with his sister and niece. 

Thursday June 17

The day started with Austin having his last day of safety town. While he was there Ella and I packed a picnic lunch. After we picked Austin up we headed to another park. Last year this park had a lot of caterpillars and butterflies. This year there were known, at least not yet. 

The park had swings for the kids to play on but they were in the direct sun and to hot to sit on. 

After walking around the park we headed home to play outside. 

Austin made a friend with a potato bug. Do you call them potato bugs, water bugs, or rolly pollys? or something else? 

Audrianna fell asleep in my bed. She looks so precious. 

Friday June 18

Audrianna is back on the kick of doing everyone hair and using her play make up. Ella wasn't thrilled to have her knotty hair brushed aka ripped out. 

Safety Town Graduation day

He loves his sister so much, I wish the feelings were mutual. (she is at a stage)

Getting his certificate. 

Later that afternoon Ella, Brian's niece Mariah, Brian, and Austin went to Cedar Point. It was suppose to be a crappy evening with storms but turned out to be the perfect night. Every year that Mariah visits from Seattle we go to the zoo (which we did the Tuesday before) and Cedar Point. This year I stayed home with Audrianna. 

Saturday June 19

Some little girl woke up bright and early at 6:15. She went straight to wake up her brother, he wanted nothing to do with her after being out late the night before at Cedar Point. 

We celebrated Father's Day all weekend, I didn't have Ella most of Sunday so we wanted to include her in the festivities. I made a broccoli and cheese quiche for breakfast. This is my second time making a quiche and everyone has loved it both times. First time was a cheese quiche. 

I washed all the laundry the day before but never put it away. Audrianna was a good assistant. She played with the socks and didn't mess up my piles. While we did laundry Brian and Austin went to have Tball pictures taken. 7 kids out of 12 showed up. 

My parents, sister and niece came over to celebrate Father's Day. Audrianna did my moms makeup and hair. 

All 4 kids got along playing outside. 

We had burgers and hot dogs for dinner. For dessert I made a red (turned out pink) white and blue pineapple coconut cake. 

Happy Father's Day to my dad.

Sunday June 20

Brian requested to eat breakfast outside on Father's Day Sunday. It was the perfect weather. I made baked stuffed French Toast. It was really good and I don't like French Toast. Now only if I would have remember to take a picture of it. Just means I have to make it again. 

The sun was out she little miss needed her sunglasses on too. 

Any time we are outside at least one of these two if not both end up in the dirt pile playing. 

Family photo, yes Ella is wearing adult onside mermaid pajamas and it is in the 70s. 

After Ella got picked up by her dad, Brian requested we went for a walk. We did a 2 mile walk in the metroparks. 

I'm glad we went early because it was getting hott. 

We have been getting out more and Audrianna in getting the run of riding in carts. 

She also likes riding pool toys in the house. 

Anyone else eat ice cream cones like corn on the cob? Yes she made a big mess and dropped the actually ice cream, but ate her cone.

It was shower night and Austin decided he didn't want a shower. When we went to look for him we found him hiding under his bed, he actually fell asleep. 

Monday June 21

Monday morning I took all 3 kids shopping by myself. This does not happen very often, if ever so this is a huge deal. We went to Petsmart and Walmart. While at Walmart we walked down the toy aisle for the kids to get ideas for the birthdays, well Austin and Audrianna. Austin wants everything Star Wars, especially if it is an AT AT.

Audrianna is liking Barbies right now. She wants a singing Elsa doll and cried when I wouldn't give it to her. 

After shopping we came home had lunch then took Austin to summer camp. While he was at camp, Audrianna took and nap and Ella worked more on a dried leaf fairy craft that she started months ago. 

I started cleaning out our fish tank. 
Disclaimer: this tank and the fish were Brian's and his uncles thing for the past 10 years and I have never really touched it. The tank got so bad that his shark fish died and I said thats it we are cleaning it and getting fish the kids want since we don't have to worry about the shark eating little fish. This turned out to be a lot more work than I ever anticipated. I probably spent a good 5 hours cleaning and resetting it up. 

For dinner we  had pasta and a salad. It was so good, with romaine, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, pecans and garlic expressions dressing. 

After dinner we ended up going to another pet store since I didn't buy enough rocks, the last store didn't have enough. We saw this cute hairless guinea pig. That was until I saw the price of $130.

The finished tank, clean and in a new spot in the living room

Tuesday June 22

Tuesday was a low key lazy day. Audrianna played with magna tiles, blocks, books and her makeup kit. At one time everything was all over the living room then she helped me clean up. 

I enjoyed my coffee while watching this weeks Bachelorette. Anyone else watching this season?

I found the motivation and the energy to workout. Don't I have the cutest workout partner. 

I didn't take any pictures but Ella also had her first Girl Scout meeting with her new troop. She loved it had so much fun, and her best friend is in that troop. She was previously in our troop, but left when her mom had issues with my previous co-leader. I ultimately decided to take a step back from Girl Scouts currently after the drama and lies from my previous co-leader but Ella choose to stay in but in another troop.

Father's Day Gifts

I pulled out my Cricut to make Father's Day gifts this year for my dad and Brian. 

That's a wrap on week 2 of summer break. 

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