Birthday Recap

We recently celebrated Audrianna's 2nd birthday and Austin's 6th birthday. They get the joy of sharing birthdays parties since they were born 4 days apart (and almost 4 years). This year Austin didn't complain about it he was actually excited. I know this will change in the future.

Austin requested a Star Wars At-At party, which incase you don't it is a very unpopular character from one of the movies (or at least I have been told.) Audrianna got a Disney princess themed party. We had originally talked about specific princess (one time was Frozen, another time was Moana) but she really enjoys watching all the Disney princess movies. 


Normally on the day of the kids birthday, well Austin's for the past 6 years. It is incredibly hot, it is the middle of summer. This year Saturday was the opposite. It was chilly and rainy. It had been raining for what seems like forever. The ran was suppose to stop by  1 and the party was scheduled for 4. At 130 it is still a weird rainy sideways mist, it reminded me of being up by the fall at Niagara Falls. Brian and I went outside to see how bad it was and how wet the yard was. It was very soggy and within being outside for less than 5 minutes I had gotten bite by 3 mosquitos. 

We ended up postponing the party until Sunday for those who could make it. As you can see a puddle, or as Austin called it his pond in the kids play area. 

Now this year I did not do a Pinterest inspired party. I did not go all out with everything labeled to match the theme of the party. I did not do much decorating. Previously I have been that Pinterest mom. This year it was not me. I didn't have the mental energy to do it all (especially with everything that had happened in the previous weeks) I also didn't have the desire to do it. The party was all family and close friends. There were no kids that were not family. Plus previous years that I have gone all out the little details were not recognized or even appreciated. I would rather spend my time playing and making memories with my kids and not adding more stress to my life. 

I did do the kids boards with their Favorites, Food, and Loves. 

I bought an electric balloon air pump. It is amazing. I got it off Amazon HERE. It really is a game changer to blow up balloons. I am not full of air like I use to be to sit and blow up 20 plus balloons. 

This year I also decided to do two balloon garlands. One in the house and one for outside. The other decorations I did was just streamers. 

For drinks we had beer and water outside. Inside we had iced tea and lemonade. 

For our meal we had a pasta bar with salad and bread. I forgot to a picture with it all out. In the white roaster was three sauces: red spaghetti sauce, homemade cheese sauce, and alfredo sauce. In the bowls up from were: elbow macaroni, long spaghetti, and penne pasta. In the warmer in the back was: grilled chicken, meatballs, and sausage. The food turned out to be a big hit. 

The best part of the party Cake. My mom made the cakes again this year. We did 6 inch cakes for Audrianna and Austin, and cupcakes for everyone else. This way the kids weren't blowing on peoples food and no one was touching their food. (ice cream was also the little plastic cups with chocolate or strawberry swirl)

I made Austin's cake topper with my Cricut and foam. He loved it. 

I also made Austin's shirt. 

Most everyone was able to come to the party with it rescheduled. Sunday turned out to be a perfect day. The sun dried up the grass. All the kids had a good time. 

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  1. I love the combo AT-AT/Disney Princess invitations! :) The balloons looked great.

  2. Aw, it's too bad the weather didn't cooperate but it sounds like you still had a wonderful party the following day anyway. It has been such a wet and cold summer.

    1. it has been a very wet summer. i am ready for a dry fall


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