Monthly Wellness - July

 July has been crazy but I have taken more time for myself and making myself a priority than I had the past few months. I am starting to feel like myself again. Lets break it down.


The end of June and beginning of July was full of birthday celebrating, lots of cake, eating out, and drinking more than normal. The scale was seeing the effects of it. I was also starting to feel run down, blah, no energy, etc. Since the kids birthday I have been focusing on my nutrition again. Planning healthier dinners, only drinking one drink a week, drinking my nutrition shakes everyday and focusing on more water. It has only been a week but I am starting to get more energy. My go to for lunches has been my favorite salad with fresh blueberries. 


Switching up my water cups has been very helpful in me reaching my water goal of 80 oz. Yes this does mean I am washing more dishes but its worth it. I have also been adding fresh mint, and lime, sometimes together, to at least one glass a day. There are some days that at 8pm I am downing 20 oz to reach my goal. 


Finding the time and motivation to press play on a workout has been a struggle. I have gotten in quite a few workouts from the 645 program. I am loving the program, but I think my struggle is the 45 minutes. Most times that I am pressing play, I am doing it right before dinner or dinner is cooking.  


I am still struggling with making time to connect with my bible and devotional everyday. If I don't do it before everyone else wakes up it doesn't happen. I have started two different personal development books and cant get into them either. There is a lot going on so instead of stressing of not getting personal development, I know this is just a phase. 


What is sleep? Audrianna regressed on sleep. She will only go to sleep in bed with me. Some nights Brian can get her into her own bed, other nights she is in our bed all night and eats frequently. I need to go back to sleep training her, but I know at the same time that we go on vacation in a few weeks and it will start all over again. 

Have you been struggling this past month?

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