Summer Recap Week 5

Today is halfway that summer is over. Like where did it go. It has been so odd and busy its crazy. 

Thursday July 8

A day without any kids. I should have went shopping, hung out at the spa, went for a walk by myself. Instead...

 I had this mess in the basement I wanted to tackle. That also turned into cleaning the whole basement, laundry stripping a load of Brian's shirts, and cleaning up some of the upstairs of the house. I blasted some Linkin Park and Eminem. and 5 hours later it look like this. 

I purged a bunch, rearranged, organized and cleaned up. Surprisingly a week later and it is still clean. Every night before bed the kids clean up their mess. 

Here are my kids being goofy at my parents. I left them there until about 6:30. I stuck around for a little while then it was home and off to bed.

At 11:50 pm I was woken up by my phone vibrating on my night stand from my mom calling me. She told me the ambulance was at the house they were going to the hospital that my niece, Claudia was having a seizure. I was shocked and still am. My kids had been playing with her all day. She was acting normal, and they don't run in our family. 
Someone asked how we knew she was having a seizure in her sleep. She just so happened to be sleeping over my parents house with my sister, sharing a bed. My sister woke up to her daughter shaking and screamed for my parents. 

Friday July 9

I didn't get much sleep that night. Claudia was transferred from one hospital to another because her seizure was over 10 minutes, she had more than one (had second one in ambulance to the hospital) and the first hospital didn't have a pediatric department. 

 Claudia had a grand mal seizure. Eeg showed no other signs off seizures just a lot of sparks as they called down the center of her brain the said she has probably had these since she was around six years old and may outgrow them around 10 something do do with speech problems she had earlier (my sister and I and my son Austin also both has speech problems) no idea if she will have more seizures. She will have a follow up in a few weeks where we will get more questions answered.

While having a lazy day at home I found this house centipede in our basement. I must have made him mad from cleaning the day before. He was a good 3 inches long. 

It was a very lazy low key day. I took a much needed nap and spent quality time with my kids. 

Saturday July 10

Audrianna woke up cute and in a good mood. She has this new thing where she doesn't want to sit in her high chair to eat, she will only sit on your lap to eat and she wants to eat your food. But at least she is eating. 

I am in the third row of the van. Audrianna is looking cute in her sunglasses.

Then she made me wear her sunglasses. 

At Austin's t-ball game. She has the look of being up to no good. She did for the first 45 minutes then she was done and kept wondering away. Good thing his game is only an hour long. 

She also went through my purse and found a mask and insisted on wearing it. 

We had a good time at baseball. My dad went with us. On the way home we stopped at Raising Canes. 

The rest of the day we did stuff around the house nothing exciting. 

Sunday July 11

Happy 2nd Birthday Audrianna.

Her and Austin decided to play in the crib and act like they were sleeping.

Ella came home after being with her dad for 10 days and going on vacation. We sat down and she told us all about her vacation and week. It took a good hour. She insisted on sitting on a stool in the middle of the room it was cute.

Claudia, my sister and parents came over so Ella could see Claudia and to celebrate Audrianna's birthday. 

Ella had to tell everyone else about her week. This time it was a lot quicker. 

My fairy didn't like her wings but still smiled for her picture. 

Audrianna was so excited to open presents. But she is a slow unwrapper. (it maybe a very long Christmas)

Monday July 12

While driving I noticed a grasshopper hanging on to my window. When we got to our destination Ella took him off the car and put him in the grass. 

Ella had her first day of Youth Run Camp. It is for 90 minutes all week. I am so happy that she is liking it. She even said that she wished it was more than just one week. On Monday it rained the whole time and they ran in the rain (it was NOT storming). She didn't complain, besides that she couldn't see with wet glasses. 

Busy day. We went home after Ella's run camp to eat a quick lunch then off to take Austin to Summer camp. He was not excited to go. 

Ella, Audrianna, and I headed shopping to find some decorations for the kids birthday party this weekend. 

The rest of the evening we just played at home. It was crappy and rainy. 

Tuesday July 13

Audrianna said she wanted to eat at the little table. She then changed her mind and sat at normal table

It finally stopped raining. Brian was outside cutting the grass, so the kids went outside to play. 

I shared a new mom tip Tuesday to my youtube channel. 

While dinner was finishing up Austin and I got a workout in. Audrianna joined in some too.

After dinner we headed to Costco.

On the way home we saw a rainbow.

Also my father left work from having heavy arms, and chest pain. I talked to him his whole drive home because he is stubborn. He went to the ER where he was admitted. They ruled out his heart and determined it is something in his neck and sees a specialist in a week to discuss major next surgery. He got to go home on Wednesday. So he wasn't having a heart attack but his heart rate was elevated and in A-fib so they changed some meds too.

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