Summer Weekly Recap Week 4

 The first week of July flew by. It has been very weird only having 2 kids. I am ready for Ella to come home on Sunday. This past week there was fireworks, camping, and relaxing. Let's check out the fun.

Thursday July 1

Ella and Claudia has a sleepover. They were so behaved and played well all 4 of them, which doesn't always happen. Audrianna tried waking them up early but they were up late and decided to sleep in.

Since she wasn't able to wake the girls up she woke up Austin instead. Then insisted on morning smile pictures. 

My wild child also decided to steal my breakfast and coffee. Her fingers are open because she was dipping them in my cup. 

After lunch we took my niece home. 

Once we got home the kids played outside for a little while before Ella went to her fathers. 

Audrianna's first pony tail. She didn't let me leave it in, and she hasn't let me do it again either.

The rest of the evening I prepared and packed to go camping. This also included washing clothes, doing dishes, and cleaning the house. Even though we were only gone for the weekend I didn't want to come home to a messy house. Are you the same way?

Friday July 2

Friday morning Austin was the first one up. I found him laying on the couch watching tv. He let me share the pillow with him. 

I spent the day finishing packing, cleaning, and moping. Audrianna helped pack her own toys. (that she barely played with)

We got to the campground around 4. Set up the tents and air mattresses. Audrianna thought she was claiming her bed, she was wrong. 

Next up making dinner on the electric grill. Side note this is my dads grill that he got as a gift but it worked out great. Bonus first time I ever used a grill. 

Dinner is served. Ranch Chicken, broccoli, red potato and cheese foil packets. 

After dinner we walked around the campground. Last stop was the playground.

The kids loved the playground was little peebles. They could sit there for hours and just play with the peeble rocks. 

The playground was perfect for Audrianna minus one slide. One slide was a open spiral slide and went to fast for her that she fell at the bottom if you weren't there to catch her. 

She did have an accident on the enclosed slide. She went down head first, fell and got a face and mouth full of rocks. She was ok though just scared. We washed out her mouth and she was back playing like nothing happened. She did however not go down the side head first again. 

We ended the night by the much needed fire. It was kinda chilly. 

By 9 Audrianna was ready to go to bed, but once we got in bed she wanted out and played peek a boo. 

My sister took the cutest video of her playing peek a boo and escaping.

Our first night was rough. It got cold, down in the lower 50s, we only had blankets and no sleeping bags. Plus our air mattress kept losing air. Between midnight and 7am we filled it up 3x and could have done more. It was a very sleepless night. 

Saturday July 3

We woke up to the sound of a hot air balloon. Then I looked out the tent window and saw it low above the trees. Not what I expected to be woken up by. 

For breakfast we had pancakes on an electric skillet and sausage links on the grill. 

We spent lots of time at the playground. It was nice and relaxing. The kids could run around and play and we didn't have to worry about them running off. 

Audrianna found the noise bells. I'm sure she woke up some campers, even though it was after 10. 

Lunch we had sandwiches and chips. 

After lunch the lake opened the we let the kids go swimming. The water was cold. Audrianna had no fear and wanted to go out deep without an adult. (We had a life vest for her but forgot it at the campsite.)

While they were swimming Austin asked me to make him a sand castle. 

I also made a heart. We spent about an hour at the lake. Then headed back for a much needed nap time. 

She was out within 10 minutes. Then I escaped out of bed. Brian came home to his nieces birthday party.  I ended up taking a little nap. 

Austin and Claudia played on their tablets for a little bit. Austin ended up taking a nap on his belly with his legs in the air. 

After we were all up we pulled out these magnetic games my sister had bought. They turned out to be a big hit. (unless Austin was loosing then he had a temper tantrum) 

For dinner we had walking tacos, the meat was precooked and reheated on the grill. 

After dinner it was time for ice cream. 

and more time at the park. 

Brian came back with another air mattress, but it didn't hold air either. I called it an early night as Audrianna was crabby and my back was sore. 

Sunday July 4

Happy 4th of July. No exciting wake up for us. Audrianna did wake up my sister and niece though with shaking their tent and yelling "Dia" which is what she calls my niece Claudia. My sister was doing Claudia's hair and Audrianna wanted hers done too. 

Someone likes sitting on her daddy's lap. For breakfast we had potatoes on the grill, bacon on the grill, and scrambled eggs on the skillet. 

My sister, Sarah and her daughter, Claudia.

My little ham Austin and myself. 

Surprise we are at the park again after breakfast. 

While Brian was making breakfast I packed up the tent and all our stuff. My sister and I went through the food and separated what she needed for her extra night she was stayed. After playing at the park we headed home. Unpacked, took showers, and napped. 

We went to Brian's parents for dinner. They had fences installed. One around the pond so the kids couldn't fall in (but Audrianna still can throw mulch in) and on the sides of the houses so the kids can't run away. 

Austin didn't nap at home with the rest of us. Instead he fell asleep 5 minutes before we got to grandma's.

Ribs for dinner. 

Aren't they cute. And I even got Austin to wear overalls for a little bit. Then I went home and got him a pair of shorts. 

We went and saw fireworks. Both kids had ear phones. Austin said on Grandma's lap and didn't complain once and wore his ear phone the whole time. 

Audrianna sat on my lap with her ear phones off. Then took them off half way through and fell asleep. I had my hand on her ear to be safe, the other side she was leaving against me. Westlake put on a good show. (Not as good as Disney) It was nice to have Brian with us for the 4th and not working as a Police Officer. 

Monday July 5

First morning home and back to reality. Cuddles on the couch with these two being cute. 

Most of the day was spent doing laundry, doing yardwork, and outside swimming. 

For dinner we had pizza on the grill. Brian and I had fresh basil and homegrown banana peppers from our yard. 

Brian and Austin went to Austin's t-ball game. It was still 90 degrees out and my back was bothering to be able to chase after Audrianna so we stayed home. 

Tuesday July 6

Audrianna wanted to go swimming at 830 in the morning before we even had breakfast. She had a rough night of sleep so we both slept in. 

I was feeling better (and still am) and started a new workout program. I is slower pace but I think that is what I need. 

Another hot day with lots of time outside and these two in the pool. 

Say "cheese: while eating grapes. 

I said it was hot right. This was at 330 when I went grocery shopping. 

Episode 3 of Mom Tip Tuesday is up on Youtube. 

After dinner we headed to Crocker Park and found another Duct Tape Sculpture from the Duct Tape Scavenger Hunt going on around Avon. 

They made Austin the cutest face with Cotton Candy ice cream and sprinkles. 

Wednesday July 7th

I did horrible with taking pictures of the day. It was a very low key relaxing day with no plans. 

With the holiday I was confused what day it was and didn't watch Bachelorette on Tuesday morning. I watched most of it before bed. I had 20 minutes left and decided to watch it in my room while the kids were behaving in the living room. The didn't last long they joined me for the last 10 minutes. 

While dinner was cooking I got day 2 done of my workout with some extra helpers. 

After dinner we went to the At Home store looking for a new umbrella for our patio table but didn't find anything. 

How is your summer going?

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