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Hey loves. It has been a while since I did a Q and A. I did a question box on Instagram stories a few weeks ago. I answered some questions on there and saved a few. 

Was the 4 year age gap between your kids intentional? 

Not planned, 100%. My husband (now ex) tried before having Ella for a year and a half. When we stopped trying is when I got pregnant. Then I got a divorce. Austin was unplanned, but so welcomed. Audrianna we planned based on how old I was and the complications I have while pregnant. 

Are you always late or always early when heading somewhere?

I prefer to always be early. That isn't always possible with 3 kids. Unless I don't want to go then I will be late. 

What is your favorite season of the year?

Growing up I would have said summer. No school, my birthday, lots of swimming. Now as an adult I love fall. Seeing the leaves changing, everything pumpkin spice, cooler temperatures. Also closer to Christmas. 

Are you still nursing Audrianna?

Yes. The plan was to wean her before vacation, but when we went to her last dr appt the dr recommended to not wean until we got tests back because her weight. She goes back to the doctor in a few weeks and we will reevaluate everything.

Favorite candy bar?

Snickers or Kit Kat

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