Amazon Prime- July

Another month I don't know what I did before I had prime. I am linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. Which includes back to school, vacation planning and more. 


Dot stickers to help organize my new calendar with so many schedules. 

Another month another 6 bags of Goldfish crackers, you can't beat the price. 

On vacation I don't want to risk losing my good sunglasses at the beach or at Disney World on the rides. I found these cute duo

Waterproof phone cases recommended by a girlfriend for the beach.

Reusable swim diapers. At home Audrianna doesn't wear a diaper or swim diaper in her little pool. I couldn't see paying the price for disposable swim diapers and how frequent we would be swimming. My other thought was when she is wearing a dress we can put one on her to cover her diaper. 

For school Ella needed earbud headphones, she doesn't like the ones that just go in her ears, she says they don't stay. Instead she likes ones that wrap around. 

Austin a Thermos for school lunches

Matte long lasting lipstick

Ella didn't find any new shoes at our local stores, instead she found a pair online. She says there are comfy and loves the colors. 

Iron on clothing tags, great for back to school

Orange essential oil for our dryer balls instead of using dryer sheets

A new mascara to try. I love the green bottle, decided to try the purple one.

Rotary blade and mat for a crafting idea I have. 

I have said for 4 years we were going to get an electric pencil sharpener so we didn't have to sharpen all the pencils for school by hand. This year I finally bought it. It is a game changer. No blisters on my hands from sharpening by hand. 

Compressed air for my keyboard in hopes to help with sticking keys after dumping a drink all over it. It has helped a little. 

Apple watch screen protector. I broke my last watches screen, somehow after having it for over 2 years. These protectors just clip on and have a tempered glass. I love that I can change it up with my outfit or mood. 

Minnie Mouse watch protector. I ordered this one first, it is larger than I expected, but will be great at Disney.

OMG why had I not bought an electric balloon pump years ago. This was a game changer in blowing up balloons, I even made two arches with it. 

Speaking of balloon arches, this is the strip I used. 

Metal reusable straws to stick in our day bag. Our family isnt big fans of paper straws that most places have now a days. 

A fun game to play in the car with my kids for our 17 hour road trip. Scavenger hunt

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  1. The Minnie Mouse watch protector is really cute!

  2. That balloon machine sounds fantastic. I'm so bad at blowing up balloons on my own! Love the look of that thermos for food. I might need one!


    1. I have recently become horrible at blowing up balloons. The machine has made my life so much easier

  3. Wow, it was a big shopping month! Please let me know how you like that mascara. I'm a fan of the green version. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I tried it out today. It is great with adding length but doesn't have any fullness

  4. I have that mascara on my list today. It is my favorite!


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