August Currently and Intentions

Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. I have a double whammy post today. I am linking up with Anne for another month of currently and my monthly intentions of August. Lets get to it. 

 ~ admiring ~ 
Hmm what am I currently admiring? The love my kids have for each other. They can be so sweet. 

~ anticipating ~ 
Back to school and new schedules

~ enjoying ~  
Our last month of summer

~ spending ~ 
Time with the ones we love, trying not to spend to much money before vacation

saving ~ 
Money to buy a new house and all the things

Quick July Recap

  • family date night- yes
  • Brian and I date night- no
  • Austin sleepover at grandparents- yes
  • Ella sleepover at cousins- yes
  • Host Audrianna and Austin joint birthday party- yes
  • Take kids to 3 parks/playgrounds- no
  • Have a playdate with friends- yes
  • Take the kids to the library- yes

  • Deep clean for party- yes
  • Go through Austin's clothes- yes
  • Go through Audrianna's clothes- yes
  • Go through Ella's clothes- yes
  • go through basement toys- yes

  • Read 4 books- no
  • Finish Personal Development book- no
  • Finish bible study I started months ago- no
  • Continue Joyous Rising daily devotional- yes
  • Start back a new morning routine- no
  • Start new workout program - yes
  • Go to lunch with a girlfriend- no
  • List kids clothes, toys, and other stuff to sell- yes started
  • Start planning back to school and August content- yes
  • Get one new collab- no
Reminder of my Daily Habits 
  • Drink 80 oz of water 
  • Get 30 minutes of movement everyday 
  • Read for 30 minutes 
  • Less than 4 hours total on my phone 
  • Take multivitamin, b complex, d3, magnisum, 
  • Drink nutrition shake 
  • Close all 3 rings on apple watch 
  • No electronics after 9pm
  • Veggies as snacks 

Monthly Stats:

    Books Read -  3 i think

Rings Closed on Apple Watch 

I just got a new watch the middle of the month but wasn't consistent with wearing it

Mindset Morning:

    4:30 am -  0

1000 hours outside: (started in March):

july- 89 hours

Total- 321

August Intentions:

This month is already crazy and we are a few days in. There could possible be some huge life changes in the next few weeks (fingers crossed) plus vacation and back to school. Instead of stressing of what I don't get to do. I made this months intentions short. 

  • Enjoy vacation
  • Go for 3 family walks a week
  • go to Cedar Point
  • Read Ella's school book
  • Get ice cream
  • Go to 2 parks
  • Wrap up all back to school prep

  • Organize and purge attic
  • Go through my tank tops
  • Wash windows
  • Go through shoes

  • finish Love God Greatly bible study
  • continue Joyful Rising devotional
  • Read 4 books
  • Workout 3 days a week

  • Work ahead on posts for when I am on vacation
  • Get one new collaboration
  • Plan content for the rest of the year

What are your intentions for August?

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  1. I think you did well on your July intentions, so good luck for August. Have a great time on your vacation!


  2. Aww, I love hearing about sibling love, especially now that my kiddo is finally going to have one :) Hope you enjoy soaking up the rest of summer!

  3. Saving money to buy a house. Definitely takes all the pennies...but how exciting!! Still enjoying summer here, too:)

  4. I really love your August intentions & think you did a great job with July!

  5. What a great August list. Lots of fun doing all the things.

  6. Yes, I love watching my boys when they are getting along and I can see the love... helps keep me sane during those times they fight and swear that they hate one another. Hoping for those big life changes to pan out for you!


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