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Can you believe that it is already time for back to school. This summer is flying so fast. My kids start the end of the month, and the beginning of September. I know a lot of other schools are starting sooner. Back to school time can be overwhelming for not only the kids but also moms. There is so much to be bought, new routines, time to organize, and more. Today I thought I would share some tips when it comes to back to school shipping.

School Supplies
  • My first tip is to see what you have on hand. Especially after last year we had bought school supplies that were never used, or we bought a pack of six highliters and only used ended up using three. 
  • Get your supply list from your school. Sometimes other stores like Walmart will have school supplies list that are not always up-to date, or they throw on other items that you don't need. 
  • If the list says buy a blue folder, don't just buy a different folder because your child doesn't like blue. They have their reasons for wanting specific things. I have a friend who didn't go by her daughters list bought what he liked and ended up having to go back and buy what was on the list. 
Now the fun begins of going to the store and buying what you need. 

Ella is going into 4th grade and picked a non-kidish bookbag, which I am happy about. Her last bookbag did not last long before the zipper stopped working, then an older one she used couldn't withhold the weight of everything she had to take back and forth everyday (thank you covid) We are hoping that her adidas bookbag lasts more than one year too. I read good reviews on the quality. 

Austin is going into Kindergarten and picked a Star Wars Themed book bag (similiar). It was a set that came with a water bottle and lunch box (on the right). I am not a fan of the Velcro closure lunch boxes, they never seem to stay closed and the bento box we bought doesn't fit in it. Instead I also bought him a different lunch box. Austin struggles with opening packages and lunch time is short, we got him the bento box that he can open himself and not worry about waiting for a lunch lady to come open his food. 

Along with Austin's bento box, he got a thermos to take hot food like mac and cheese, stir fry, and soup.

My kids use and love their insulated water bottles that I personalized. (You can order name and decals off Etsy) There is no confusion on who's bottle is who's and they keep the water cold all day. Ella's is a 20oz bottle with a spout lid, and Audrianna is a 12oz bottle with a straw.  Austin's (not pictured) Is a 18oz bottle with a spout lid

Before you start shopping see what you have already and what fits. This goes for uniforms and regular clothes. There is no reason to buy more clothes if your kids have plenty that fit. Kids grow in a blink of an eye one minute everything fits, the next minute their pants are to short. Remember underwear, bras, and socks too. While going through clothes check coats, shoes, boots, and winter accessories. I keep a running list in my phone in the Google Keep app of items the kids need. I love that with the app I can share specific lists with specific contacts. We always ask for clothes for the kids birthdays and holidays and they don't mind. (They still get toys too) Don't forget the special first day of school outfit and picture day.

This year we also got iron on labels to put the kids names on their stuff, especially coats and sweaters. It has happened before when a kid has come home without their coat because someone else took theirs by accident. 

Saving Money
Most states have a tax free weekend. In Ohio is this weekend August 6 through August 8. There are no taxes on clothing prices under $75 per item, and school supplies under $20 per item. 

What Back to School Shopping Tips do you have to add?

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