Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

 School hasn't even started yet, our schools haven't announced all their back to school details, but we it is going to be another crazy year. Either with having to wear masks, or just getting getting into a new routine again. Not only is your family stressed, but your teacher is probably stressed also. Sending teachers a little extra appreciate is always welcome. This year I am sending my kids with a little something for their teachers.

No way is back to school teacher gifts expected or required. While our shopping for school supplies for my kids this year I grabbed a few extra supplies, a little bucket, and added a vinyl decal. 

Not pictured I am going to throw in a Starbucks gift card (the closest coffee shop to the kids schools. I was originally going to personalize the bucket with the teachers name, but we are not finding out the teachers name until after we left for vacation and I didn't want to rush when we return. 

Previous years little buckets. Each bucket I spent less that $5. 

Do you get your kids teachers a little back to school gift? 

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