Four Things

Hey loves. Happy Thursday. We are on the road today on an adventure road trip with 3 kids for a 17 hour drive or something crazy. We are splitting it up into two days there. Wish us luck that the kids behave, no one gets sick, and we don't hit horrible weather. I know we are suppose to hit some of the left over Tropical Storm Fred. Lets hope that other storm behind him disappears. 

1- Ella is loving her new Girl Scout troop. She is making new friends and getting time away from all of us. ( I do miss being her leader)

2- Ella will be camping with Girl Scouts over her birthday weekend. She is already planning her birthday party that we will celebrate later in October. 

3- Ella earned money from helping watch Audrianna while we were doing some painting around the house. (We were outside, and they were inside) She got to spend her money at Target and was so excited. She bought mini brands. 

4- I heard on a podcast today that age 9 is halfway to the time they are considered adults. She is growing up to fast. 

1- Austin is excited for starting Kindergarten but also tells me he wants to stay home with me forever. A little boy after my heart.

2- Austin is finally in a booster seat. He is over 40 lbs officially. He can also buckle himself. 

3- Austin had his first sleepover that wasn't at the Grandparents. It was with my sister and his cousin.

4- Austin says the funniest things. They say kids are honest. While he was staying the night at my sister he said
  • Why don't you have a Star Wars Video game?
  • Why isn't your TV on the wall?

1- Audrianna is obsessed with watching the Descendants on Disney +, thanks to Ella. She is cute when she sits there and sings along. 

2- Audrianna is surprising us everyday with her vocabulary. 

3- Audrianna is sleeping in a twin size bed. She has only been waking up around 6am and crawling into our bed. This is better than her waking up numerous times when she was in the crib.

4- Audrianna is loving all the time we have been spending outside. She is truely my outside baby. She needs to stop running away. 

1- Things always get crazy busy right before we go on vacation. He has barely been home.

2- Football season has started, he is in heaven. Brian even bought a new antenna so he can watch the Browns play at home. 

3- Brian has been doing lots of projects around the house. 

4- I am shocked Brian didn't wait until the last minute to pack for vacation. He is normally doing it the night before. He had most of it done on Saturday.

1- I am so ready for new schedules and routines. Back to school is like a fresh start.

2- We have been prepping the house to eventually put it on the market. It is that motivation we needed to get things done. 

3- I bought the Simplified Daily Planner this year. I have only been using it a few weeks and I am loving it. 

4- I am antsy to start purging, organizing, and packing for whenever it is we move, even if it isn't for a year.

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