Summer Recap Week 10

Our last week of summer at home. We leave early early tomorrow for a week in Florida than a few days on the farm in Kentucky than home and back to reality and school. Throw in packing, cleaning, and prepping to sell our house it has been crazy. 

Wednesday August 11

Ella had a sleepover the night before at my parents house. We had to pick her up after we dropped Austin off at school. Audrianna went in the house sat in the computer hair and called for Papaw, it is his seat. Unfortunately he was at work.

Thursday August 12

Normal morning, house a mess with toys that Audrianna has played with and doesn't put anything away until you ask her to. Oh and lets not forget she thinks the table is her own personal seat. 

It was raining really hard, they sat there watching it for a while. The rain ruined our plans of going to the park.  

Ella started cleaning her room. Somehow that turned into Audrianna wearing her work apron from Home Depot. 

The kids also started a band. Austin on vocals the girls on the guitars. 

I finished the kids Back To School teachers gifts. I wish we would have known the teachers name already, but we won't find out until we are already on vacation.

Friday August 13

Audrianna fought taking a nap. She wanted nothing to do with it, but I finally got her to take a 40 minute nap. 

Movie time with some Monster Pop popcorn. 

Saturday August 14

Audrianna climbed up into her nursing chair, covered up, asked for a cook and her milk and sat there and read. 

Cheese mom take a picture. 

Austin has his first sleepover that wasn't at the grandparents house. He had a sleepover with his cousin, Claudia at my sisters house. 

He was so excited on the way that he fell asleep. 

His power nap gave him energy and ready for some fun. Claudia was excited to have someone to play Frogger on PS2 and Dinosaurs. 

Here are all three kids clothes and mine. I was able to fit everything in one suitcase. 

Here is said suitcase that is almost the size of Audrianna. 

Sunday August 15

Audrianna was excited to be the only kid home and she got to help make pancakes and French toast. 

She also enjoyed part of her breakfast on her daddy's lap. 

We picked up Austin from my parents house. My sister went over there to do laundry and wash all Austin's stuff because he was playing with the cats and Brian is highly allergic. Audrianna crawl into her Papaw's stationary bike and called for him. Again he wasn't home at that time. 

Austin's sleepover must have worn him our. He fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep for a while. 

We ended out weekend with dinner and ice cream with Brian's family. 

Monday August 16

Monday was busy with taking Austin to school, getting groceries and other odds and ends around the house. 

Now i have no pictures the rest of this week because my photos only back=up when I am connected to wifi. Our internet is out at the house and won't be back on until Friday. Thankfully we have a family member staying at our house and will be there for us to get it fixed for when we come home. 
I got a DVD played hooked up in the living so the kids could watch a few movies. They have played with a lot more toys, played together, and fought more. 

Tuesday August 17

The day was spent packing and getting the rest of the odds and end done. We leave Wednesday night/ Thursday morning so I wanted Wednesday to be more of a relaxing day, take a nap and prepare for a long drive ahead. 

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