Savannah and the Beach

Hey loves. Today I am starting to share our vacation details. It was an adventure, we learned a lot, had a lot of fun, made so many memories... Where do I begin? 

Incase you don't know our trip was to drive from Cleveland, Ohio to Orlando, Florida which is about a 15 hour drive, no stopping. Brian did most of the planning and decided to break up our trip and stop the first night in Savannah, Georgia which was still an 11 hour drive. We have three kids ages 9, 6, and 2. This was our first road trip of this distance with the three of them. It started off very rough. If the whole trip would have went how it started I would be saying never again, thankfully we learned from our mistakes and things got better. 

We had the van mostly packed the night before. We woke the kids up at 3am, they used the bathroom, and we hit the road. They didn't fall back asleep until after 430, which is somewhat expected with being excited. We just left them in their pajamas for the drive. 

After they woke up we had breakfast while driving, donuts from our favorite local place that we picked up the day before. We also got iced coffee for Brian and me the day before too. We also all had waters. So far everything was going smoothly.

We were in West Virginia, going 70+ miles an hour in the crazy winding roads. Then out of no where Audrianna got sick. I was able to hop in the backseat and clean her up rather quickly. Not long after words Austin got sick a few times. That was more of a mess. We ended up pulling over on the highway to clean up him and the van. I was somewhat prepared with ziplock bags, garbage bags, extra clothes, wipes, napkins, etc. 

After this excitement the kids settled down, watched some movies and took a nap. 

We stopped at a nice rest area right over the border of North Carolina and had a picnic lunch. The kids also got to run around, stretch their legs, and use up some energy. We had some sweat bees keeping us company the whole time. 

We are off again. Austin and Audrianna took Bonine motion sickness medicine. (yes we should have given it to them before we left but they never had any car sick before this trip) The rest of the long trip went pretty uneventful. 

The kids had tablets, movies, coloring, toys, etc to play with to keep them entertained. There was never any are we there yet from them. (from me I was over the drive by lunch time). We also stopped more often the rest of the trip compared to only topping once before lunch. 

We finally got to Savannah around 5pm. 

I am not a fan of driving over bridges. I have to say this bridge felt safe and was beautiful. 

We got to our hotel, unloaded, rested a few minutes, then headed to the river district to find dinner. It was hot, like 94 degrees, sweat dripping from you. We were tired, hungry, hot, and the kids were whining. We found the closest place that had seating for 5 that was indoors. The food wasn't the greatest, the service was ehh, the kids didn't behave, overall we were ready for bed. To top it off Ella had delayed car sickness (i guess its a thing) and she got sick (thankfully made it to the bathroom). After dinner we walked around for a little bit then headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest. 

The hotel we stayed at was a Springhill Suites. I wasn't impressed with the layout compared to the one we stayed at in Columbus previously. The room had two double beds and a sleepover sofa and only basic tv, (no option of Netflix.) It worked for just one night. They did have a very nice hot buffet breakfast. We enjoyed eggs, sausage gravy, waffles, bacons, sausage, bagels, yogurt and cereal. After breakfast we got on the road again.

When we left the kids got Bonine again so we didn't have to worry about them getting car sick again. Our first stop was the Florida welcome center. Ella had to have her picture with a dolphin. The welcome center also had samples of fresh orange juice and grapefruit juice. 

Another family asked if I would take a picture for them. They took a picture of Ella, Austin, and me. Brian was in the car with Audrianna sleeping. 

Brian wanted to see the coast. He has been to Florida 4 times and never been to the ocean. (opps you can blame me we also just do Disney). This time we planned to stop at the beach. He choose St. Augustine. The kids loved the draw bridge that has a private ship that went under it. 

We found a public beach enjoyed the waves for a few hours. Ella loved going out "deep" but where we could still touch. Austin went out once past the wave break. Audrianna didn't like the feel of the water pulling her back into the ocean. She did however like when I tipped her upside down and she got her hair wet. We had a lot of fun for the two hours we were at the ocean. 

Next up was heading to our hotel we would be staying at for a week in Orlando. Come back next week the amazing hotel we stayed at, that was off Disney property. 

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