Sustainable Fashion Ideas That Are Easy to Follow

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Today's post is different from my normal posts. I have gotten a few requests on Instagram for some fashion related content. If you know me I love me some tanks, and these softest, comfiest leggings ever. I am no fashionishta most of the time. I am partnering up with Suzy Walsh. She is a style blogger, who has been the leading force behind the House of EleganceShe has also worked with blogs and websites as a guest writer and specializes in all things related to runway trends.

Sustainable Fashion Ideas That Are Easy to Follow

The environmental impact of our fashion choices is often ignored. Fast fashion has made room for cheap, affordable clothing, and that also means that people own and spend way more on fashion than they should. Sustainable fashion is not a concept anymore – It’s the need of the hour. If you think that your choices are minor to make a difference, keep in mind that every single step counts. For those who want to go sustainable and ethical with their wardrobe choices but aren’t sure of where to start, below are some amazing ideas to follow.

  1.  Go vintage. When you are buying vintage, you are actually investing in something that was previously owned. Second-hand may sound too off to some people, so vintage is the way to go. If you are looking for summer dresses that are inspired from the vintage trend, you can view more here.
  2. Change the attitude. There’s a different between what you want and what you need for the closet. By all means, you should have a versatile wardrobe, but watch what you spend on. For instance, if you own five LBDs, you don’t need a sixth one, no matter how nice.
  3. Swap it. This is probably one of the easier things to do. You can talk to your friends and convince them to go the sustainable way. For that, you can swap clothing, bags, jewelry, and everything else that you don’t use frequently. This also saves your money, without compromising on style.
  4. Hold a yard sale. The best way of ensuring that you don’t dump your clothes in a trash can is to hold a yard sale. You will be surprised to find people looking for things at a lower price, and many of these things will be eventually cherished and loved.
  5. Find organic materials. There are some amazing brands out there that are investing in organic fabrics, and these companies need our support. Yes, organic clothing and fabrics can cost a lot more, but that’s worth paying for, given that recycling these fabrics is way easier.
  6. Pick the right brands. Not all brands and labels are transparent enough. You need to know the source of their materials, especially when they use terms like ‘recycled’, ‘organic’, or ‘natural’. Invest in products that are backed by sustainable choices and transparency. 
  7. Quality matters. The last thing on this list is quality. Every time you buy something really cheap, you eventually end up discarding it sooner. Quality is the way to go. For example – A cashmere sweater is unique, needs more care, but can last decades with basic attention.

Finally, be aware of how you dump your clothing and accessories. There are people in need, and what cannot be repaired or sold can be donated.

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