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Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. It is time for another recap of my Amazon purchases from last month. I am linking up with Tanya todayBrian made a comment last week that this is the longest stretch we have went without getting any packages. After going back and looking I haven't bought much, partially because I don't want to buy anything for the new house until we are officially in it. Lets look what I purchased:

Double sided adhesive- Ella asked for this to use while making crafts. She used a similar adhesive while on vacation. Ella said it works great. 

Keychain Carabiner - Brian had an old one that broke and he lost his house key. (thankfully someone turned it in at work) His new one is holding up great. 

Tall Freestanding Baskets- I bought these to hold the kids stuffed animals instead of them being just shoved under the bed or in random places. 

Elastic Band Remover- Ella has been using the small rubber bands in her hair more and struggles with getting the bands out herself. These cutters have been great for her to remove the bands herself without ripping her hair. 

Insulated Coffee Mug- I needed a mug with a handle to walk Austin to school in the morning and still enjoy my coffee. 

Fogless Shower Meal- I bought this for the shower but we are waiting until we get into the new house to put it in the kids bathroom. I am hoping this will help Ella to wash her hair better.

Face Masks- Ella needed new masks. Most of her masks from last year no longer fit. These are soft and fit her great. 

Baby Yoda Beanie- Austin wants to be Baby Yoda for Halloween. I haven't been able to find a costume for his size for less than $50. Instead I bought him this hat, which also folds down and he can see through it. We will get him some brown clothes and everything will be worn again. 

Ariel watch- gift for Ella's birthday

Mario game- Ella got a Nintendo Switch for her birthday and needed a game. 

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  1. The yoda hat is such a good idea instead of buying the whole costume. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases.


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