Hey Loves. Happy Tuesday. How was your weekend? Ours was crazy. I said previously we were having the calm before the storm and boy was I right. I didn't touch my laptop at all but got a lot of work done around the house. Even this week has started off crazy, I am writing this post up on Tuesday afternoon, which is so unlike me. 

Friday I decided to squeeze in a haircut and do a little shopping. I bought a few decorative items for Anna's room. Then went to my haircut appointment. My appointment went longer than I had anticipated. Anna was with my mom and I didn't have time to drive to go get here and be back in time to get Austin from school, I barely made it in time to get Austin from school. It completely changed around our plans for the rest of the evening. After Ella went to her father's for the weekend, Brian, Austin and I grabbed tacos for dinner then headed to my parents house to pick up Anna. 

Saturday and Sunday Brian and I packed up most of the house. We have piles of boxes everywhere. 

All the stuff is off the walls and the holes patched. 

The kids rooms are also packed. 

In Austin's room I left out a few books for bedtime stories and some toys for him to play with. 

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 As I am over here sharing my own health and wellness journey I had a girl reach out to me and realized not everyone knows the options and opportunities that are available within my Beachbody community. She thought you had to be a coach are share everything on social media.


You have a few options. Sure if you WANT to sign up as a coach and build a business and help other women on their health and wellness journey.

If sharing on social media isn’t your thing, no biggie you can get some awesome workouts, nutrition, delicious recipes, and a supportive community is another option.

Starting Wednesday my team is hosting a Beachbody Community Info Experience group. You can e a fly on the wall and get all the details on:

- Customer
- Preferred Customer
- Coach

 No pressure no commitment group

Want in the group? Here is the link to the GROUP it starts tomorrow. (for coach who referred you- Adrienne Patenaude)

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