Ella Birthday Weekend Recap

 October is a month full of celebrating Ella's birthday. This year she turned the big 10. She wanted a kids birthday party at a place with laser tag or rock climbing and adventure. She is the oldest and tallest in her group of friends and no one else was tall enough to do all the activities so we came up with a different plan. 

For dinner on Friday which is our take out day, Ella requested Mr. Beast Burger. She watched his show on youtube at her father's house and he has a local pop up store for delivery or carry out. When looking at the pictures the burgers looked gross. But when she got the burger it actually tasted good. 

Since Ella's friends were not tall enough to do what she originally had planned for her birthday we opted for bowling. There were 6 girls and Austin. 

The team with 4 girls played two games and the team with 3 players got to play three games. The 4 team goofed off more. 

There were lots of giggles and smiles. 

They played this hand game I had never seen. 

Austin had fun even though he was the only boy. He is very dramatic and fell to the ground and sat there and watched his call roll to the end. 

Mom fail. I forgot to take a picture of all the girls. After bowling we all went to our house for dinner, dessert, and the kids to play.

My mom made her mermaid themed cake again this year. This was actually the second cake. The first one the dog ate the night before the party. My parents dog had never hopped up on their table before but I guess she decided she wanted cake. 

Still in light of covid we did one cake just for Ella to blow out her candles on and cupcakes for everyone else. Then no one is touching the cake and ice cream was the little cups. 

For dinner we had lasagna, salad, and rolls. 

The weather on Saturday was raining and cold. We set up a table in the basement with some sheets down just in case, for the kids to all eat. They also played school.

Upstairs in our living room we also had another table set up for adults. When we got home from bowling my immediate family and Brian's immediate family were at the house to surprise Ella. 

She had a great birthday party that never ended. 

All of the girls were also invited to have a sleepover at our house. The only one that accepted was Claudia, my niece. Ella wasn't to disappointed. They had fun, behaved, and got along. On Sunday they hooked up the Nintendo Switch to the tv in the living room and played Ella's new games. 

Even though it wasn't the birthday that Ella planned in her mind, she still had a great birthday with family and friends. 

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