October Currently and Intentions

Hey loves. Hello October. It is going to be a crazy month. From celebrating Ella's birthday, hosting a birthday party, Halloween, fall festivities, and packing everything to move we had our calm now the storm of crazy is going to hit. 

It's the first of the month and the first Wednesday of the month. I am linking up with Anne for another month of currently. This months prompts are: borrowingbuyingplanningprepping, and reading

~ Borrowing ~

Boxes from my sister to use for our move. She recently moved to a different apartment and we took all her boxes knowing that we would eventually be moving. 

~ Buying ~

Cleaning supplies, Halloween costumes, random items for the new house.

~ Planning ~

Freezer meals for the week we are moving

~ Prepping ~

aka packing all the things. This is a learning experience for me. First time moving with control of packing and having 3 kids and also a quick turn around from one house to the next.

~ Reading ~

Quick September Recap:


  • date night- no
  • family movie night- yes
  • family game night- no
  • plan Ella's bday party- yes
  • plan Halloween costumes- yes
  • plan Fall fun- yes


  • finish painting bedroom door- yes
  • touch up paint around house- yes
  • start packing and purging basement- yes
  • schedule dentist appts- no
  • organize and purge kitchen- no
  • decorate lightly for fall- yes


  • Read 4 books- yes
  • Get into a new morning routine- no
  • Start back up workout program- yes
  • eat to fuel my body- yes


  • Get back into posting recipes everyday- yes
  • Plan out content calendar for rest of year- yes
  • Get one new collaboration- yes
  • Send out monthly newsletter- n0

October Goals

This month is going to be crazy. We have Ella's birthday party in 2 weeks, and we move the beginning of November. Throw in Halloween, packing the whole house, and fall fun. 


  • date night
  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • carve pumpkins
  • go trick or treating
  • celebrate Ella's birthday


  • pack


  • keep up on my workouts
  • stay consistent with water and veggies
  • do devotional even if not first thing in the morning

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  1. Okay, I need to go read about the move! How exciting!!!

  2. I hope everything goes well with the move! I have Not a Happy Family on my bookshelf waiting to be read... it sounds like it's a good one.

  3. I have Not a Happy Family to read. Hope it's a good one!


  4. All the best with your move. I like how you structure your goals intentions for the month.


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