Friday Favorites- Halloween Fun

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. Halloween was already to weeks ago, things have been crazy and I haven't gotten the chance to recap it. How was your Halloween weekend? 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Austin and Ella were allowed to wear their costumes to school on the Friday before Halloween. There was small room parties, with treats provided by the PTA, no outside food and no parents. There was parades originally planned outside on the playgrounds for parents to come see all the kids dressed up. Unfortunately it rained all day and the parades were cancelled. Austin was Baby Yoda, with a hat and brown shirt. The plan is to use that hat for winter also. Ella was Mal from Descendants again, the same costume for the last three years. It has been her choice. 

~ TWO ~

We never got around to any pumpkin patches or fall festivals this year. The kids asked if we could still buy pumpkins and carve them. We stopped by Marc's pick up some pumpkins and carved them on Friday night. Anna even got into taking the guts out. Then she got bored and went back to playing with her toys. 


Ella did her whole pumpkin herself, minus cutting the top off. Next year we need to buy better carving knives. The ones we have are old and bent. 

~ FOUR ~

Austin drew what he wanted carved and poked some holes in his pumpkin. Brian carved the face for him. 

~ FIVE ~

Up top is the face Anna and I picked out. Below is Austin's face he drew. See the ears and eyebrows too.

~ SIX ~

Ella drew and carved her mermaid tail with some bubbles. 


For dinner on Halloween I made mini mummy dogs. Instead of using full size hot dogs we used the appetizer sausages. They were a hit. Ella isn't a fan of regular hot dogs but likes the mini ones. 


All ready to go trick or treating. Our city had trick or treating from 6 to 8pm on Sunday. It was the perfect night, temps in the 50s, no rain or wind. There were a lot of families out, a lot of people passing out candy. We lasted until about 730 before they got tired. They made out in candy and got two pumpkins full and 17 full size candy bars. 

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