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 Hey loves. Happy Monday!!!!! I am sitting in my new office at our new house looking out the front window watching the snow fall. Snow is so relaxing and beautiful, even though I am not a fan of the cold but I will take the snow over rain or dark dreary days. Things have been crazy around here the last few weeks with packing, moving, and unpacking. We are finally getting into a new routine and doing lots of projects. Lets take a look back at the last few weeks and a few house sneak peaks 

We got our keys to our new house on Monday November 1st at 5pm. We loaded up both vehicles with a bunch of cleaning supplies, paint supplies, lights, and odds and ends. We also took the kids to see their new house again. Anna had been there twice, Ella and Austin had been there once. My mom was also with us and she got to see the house for the first time, aside from pictures.

We spend some time going through the house, seeing all the stuff the previous owners left behind, planning out some things, and exploring. I eventually took the kids back to our other house with my mom to watch them. Brian and I got to cleaning and prepping rooms to be painted. We also waited for internet to come. Unfortunately we didn't get internet that night. The company we called didn't have lines already ran to our house and all our power lines are under ground so it wasn't an easy fix. (They would have to dig 5 houses down to run lines) We ended up going with a different company that got us internet on Thursday. 

Most of the house is all wallpaper. Our original plan was the take the wallpaper down from the four bedrooms, primer and paint before we moved in. That plan changed very quickly once we realized how much work it was taking to remove all wallpaper and glue residue. The first night I was at the house until around 10 getting the wallpaper down, Brian was there until after 1am getting the glue off and this was just one room. 

Make shift table, eating on the floor using a toy box as our table to enjoy some dinner with the kids. 

Since we were moving during the week, we didn't have the man power to move the heavy stuff. On Friday morning the movers showed up. They had everything packed and unpacked in less than 6 hours, it would have taken us a lot longer. 

Ella got an upgrade on her bed. We turned her crib (that all the kids have used) into a full size bed for her room. Friday night was our first night at the new house. Things went well, kids slept in their own rooms (minus Anna). 

Saturday we got the last of our stuff out of our old house. Then we cleaned up, took the kids back for one last time, and left the new owners a gift. We had to be out by 3 and we were out by 230. It was bitter sweet to officially be out of one house and moved into another. There we a lot of hiccups along the way for the past 3 years that we had been planning on moving. Everything happens for a reason at the time that is meant to happen. 

Sunday was a gorgeous day. Next to our house is some woods. Behind our house is a creek and a line of woods too. Instead of throwing away our pumpkins this year we decided to smash them in our backyard and leave them for the wildlife. We all got into it. 

We also had a random ear of feed corn from a cornstalk that Anna left in our backyard too. 

The kids our loving yard. So much space to run around and trees.

We had our first little family walk. Along the way we meet two families on our street, one has a little boy Austin and Anna's age. The neighborhood has a lot of families and dogs. People are always outside, waving, and friendly. 

Ella and Austin had their first day of school. They were ready to take the bus. We got to the bus stop and found out the time we were given by the bus garage was not right. The kids missed the bus by a few minutes. The first day I drove them and contacted the bus garage to find out what was up with the times. They then gave me accurate pick up times that was about 10 minutes different from the original time. The time they gave me for drop off was also wrong but one of the other moms at the bus stop was able to tell me the correct time. This is important because a parent/guardian has to be at the bus stop for the bus to drop off a Kindergartener. 

Minus the hiccup of the bus the first day, everything else went smoothly. They went to the office and a counselor showed them to their class rooms. They had their first full week and no complaints. 

Brian read them a bedtime story and put them both to sleep. This was a day that Anna didn't have a nap also. We joke that his book must have been boring. 

We have open stairs in the foyer to the second floor. Anna is a daredevil and has made it up 4 steps on the outside. A few times she walks them back down, other times she is calling you to come get her. 

Just a little tree hugging

Lets throw in some tree climbing, or daddy putting her in the tree. She wasn't she what to think about it. 

Walks to the bus stop in our little car. 

Also makes a great shake holder. 

Now the fun part, LEAVES. Our last house didn't have any trees. This house has a few. Brian raked up a big pile for the kids to play in. 

One of my favorite parts about our new house. With the woods next door we get wild life. We have seen up to 9 deer at once. They have been enjoying the pumpkins, carrots, and celery we have left for them. 

Anna made a baby friend and was talking to him through the window. 

Teamwork getting toys down the stairs to play with. Now only if they could take it back up the stairs. 

We have the best neighbors ever. We have had two sets of neighbors come introduce themselves, bring treats from the same favorite local bakery, and welcome us to the neighborhood. 

That's a little catch up from the past few weeks. 

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  1. So excited to see more of the new house! Congrats on the move and I can’t wait to see more as you move in.

    1. thanks. it has been a lot more work than I anticipated

  2. This is so exciting, despite all the work. Hopefully it's starting to feel a little more like home?


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