Monthly Wellness- November

 Hey loves. Happy last day of November. I am ending the month talking about wellness and taking a look back on the last 11 months. I have been looking at goals I made at the beginning of the year, what I stuck with and what I didn't. Looking at my struggles, my successes, growth, and victories. Nobody says you have to wait until the end of the year, or beginning of the new year to take a look back and make changes. 

Lets take a look back at a briefing of each month. 


- started portion control eating 

- completed 3 weeks of 9 week control freak

- joined a devotional group


- struggled with portion control eating

- completed 3 weeks of 9 week control freak (should have been 4)

- reached water goals


- switched to mindful eating

- struggled with water, got a new bigger water bottle and got back on track

- finished 9 week control freak

April (i didnt do a post)


- struggled with eating

- good with water added lemon

- didn't workout much body very sore


- on track with nutrition, more veggies

- water struggle

- worked out only half the month doing dance program


- off track with nutrition 

- started 645 workout program

- good on water 


- lots of fruits and veggies, limited alcohol 

- sucked at drinking water

- didn't work out 


- way to much fast food

- water good

- walking 2 miles most days taking Austin to and from school


- nutrition hit and miss

- at least getting 70 oz of water but not 80

- completed #MBF


- worked out 2x this month

- water has sucked

- nutrition has sucked

- no energy


- no longer doing portion control

- still struggling with water intake

- still breastfeeding, co-sleeping, not sleeping through the night

- no longer active in devotional group. Also not currently doing any bible study or devotionals.

- Not regularly reading personal development.

- Completed 9 Week Control Freak and #MBF 

- Started Lets Get Up, and 645

- weight has yo-yoed back and forth. 

Lets do this together, keep each other accountable and reach our goals

I know when I take care of myself, make myself a priority, eat to fuel my body, limit my sugar intake, move my body, get better sleep... I feel better, I am happier, I am a better mom, I am a better girlfriend, I am a better friend .... No time is better than now to work on myself and become the best version of me. I am not waiting until January to start, January can really be a false start to new beginnings. All you need is the want to make a change. You don't need a new month or a new week. 

The goal doesn’t always have to be losing weight and honestly your health and wellness journey should not be entirely centered around a weight loss goal.. it starts from the inside out. I am a big advocate of personal development and doing what makes you happy. Getting started this holiday season can be as simple as moving your body 20-30 minutes a day 5 days a week and drinking more water. 

You also don't need to make a big change, you can start small and tweak little things over time. Nothing changes if nothing changes, but little changes over time can be huge. 

In honor of the holidays, join me before December 15 and get a free gift from me! 

Sleigh this season by getting yourself back on your priority list.. it’s not about adding more to your schedule, it’s about being intentional with your time. I promise you have 20-30 mins.. and you’re worth it!🎄

My NEW REFOCUSED GOALS for December 2021 and into 2022. 

- Focus on 80 oz of water a day, add lemon, mint, beevy to drink more

- Track water, food, shakes, and workouts on BOD app for accountability 

- Read 20 minutes of personal development a day. Finish reading Start with Why Then at least once PD book a month

- Complete at least 20 minutes of a workout or stretching

- Drink nutrition shake everyday 

- Do devotional daily

Now that I have stated my goals I will be posting my accountability monthly and going looking back at my goals. I also wrote my goals on a couple of note pads and leaving them around the house to see. 

Have you taken a look back at your goals for 2021 yet? 

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