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 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. It is Christmas week!!! I am so excited. Our plans have completely changed for this week already, but we are going to make the best of every situation. Our winter break has started a few days early. I could be stressing over everything I need to get done still, instead I am taking some deep breaths and we are going to make the best of our situation that isn't going as anticipated. 

Yesterday my parents watched all 3 kids so Brian and I could finish our grocery shopping, and start wrapping. The original plan was for them to have Audrianna after her Christmas concert, but her school got shut down for two weeks before Christmas because of Covid. Plans changed but everything worked out and we got a lot done. 

Lets back track and talk about the weekend.

Friday was the end of the kids Spirit week and wear a holiday sweater. Last year we bought Austin's dinosaur sweater and bought a bigger size so he could wear it more than one year, SCORE it worked and he didn't grow to much. For Ella we borrowed a sweater from my mother, it is to big for Ella but she loves wearing oversized sweatshirts. Ella really liked the sweater I think she plans on keeping it.

Friday afternoon Brian and I went to a showing for his business partner that passed away the week before. He was an amazing guy, everyone was his "cousin", he would help anyone who needed it even if you didn't ask. There was a lot of people there showing their respect to his family. 

After the showing we headed to my parents house to celebrate my father's retirement on his last day of work. Originally we had planned on going out to dinner, but decided to just order pizza since we would be getting there later because of the funeral. 

Each of the kids showed their Papaw some love. Anna is sticking her tongue out at me trying to take a picture. 

They Brian got in on the fun. You can see his legs and 3 kids on top of him. 

While at my parents I got the call that someone who Ella was in close contact with for an extended amount of time tested positive for Covid. Not how we wanted to end out evening, but thankfully we were made aware of the situation and that start of our plans changing, including the kids not going to school this week. 

Saturday on our way to the funeral for Brian's business partner I saw Santa at the gas station. (the kids did not go to the funeral they stayed home with my parents) 

The church service funeral was a Greek Catholic service. This was my first time ever attending a Greek funeral service. I couldn't tell you what was said 90% of the time. It was very different from what I am use to. It also didn't feel as personal as there weren't stories told or anything I noticed was personalized. It was a beautiful church though.

The rest of Saturday we just relaxed at home. Anna, Austin and I even took a nap together. Oh wait we did go driving around looking at Christmas lights, drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn or goldfish. The kids didn't complain once. It made for a late night and a rough night of sleep for Anna. Sunday morning when I got up around 8 I had only gotten a little over 5 hours of sleep. 

Sunday morning Brian made pancakes and attempted to start a fire. He got a little one going then got distracted by breakfast and never got to building it up. We will try again another day. 

The kids played with the Lego Dublo's a lot and got along for the most part. They are going to have a lot of seeing each other for the next two weeks. 

While Anna and I napped, Ella made no bake Oreo ball cookies. She also stole my phone to take a picture. 

Sunday night we also attempted to build a gingerbread house. This year we bought one from Trader Joes because I heard you could actually eat it not just build it. It comes with icing sugar that you mix, but we couldn't get it stiff enough to really hold anything. The kids still had fun. The plan today is to finish it with different frosting.

Sunday night I found out that a close family friend, who I grew up calling Grandma Carol. Passed away. Not how I wanted to end my weekend, adding another funeral to my week. I am taking my parents tomorrow to the funeral. 

Monday both kids stayed home from school. Even though Austin wasn't around the person who had Covid, how do you send one kid and not the other. We later found out that two more people in our family have Covid. Our Christmas Eve and Christmas 26 plans have been cancelled. Ella is home with us until at least he 28 as she can't go to her dads until then. No one in our immediate house are showing any signs or symptoms but we are all just being safe. We will still get getting together with my parents for Christmas Day because we have been around them the whole time already. 

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  1. Adorable family photos!! It's good to know Santa is in town for sure even if he has to gas up himself. HA! I hope you and your family have a blessed and wonderful holiday season!


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