Weekend Fun

Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Our weekend did not go as originally planned but ended up being a very fun, productive weekend. The holidays are quickly approaching and I am enjoying all the fun leading up to them. 

This was the start of our Friday started. Anna decided not to nap, which has been a struggle the last few days. She went to the bus stop with my to get Ella and Austin. She ran to her sister and gave her the biggest squeeze. There is no denying their love for each other. 

The rest of Friday night we pretty much relaxed. Ordered Thai for dinner and the kids played.

Saturday morning started off slow. We are still in the process of having work done in our basement and the worker was at our house getting things done. I folded all our laundry, took a shower, did my hair, and got a few others things done. 

The kids wrote their letters to Santa. We drove out to one of the local Santa mail boxes. We did this specific one last year and the kids got a letter back from Santa. 

Next we went to Crocker Park, which is an outdoor shopping mall, to go visit with Santa. 

Santa was out feeding the reindeer when we got there. We waited about 20 minutes to see him. I loved that we weren't rushed. They took a couple of pictures and we picked which one we liked. Our original plan was just he kids, but Austin was nervous and didn't want to go by Santa with us by him. Anna did great in Ella's arms, but wouldn't smile. 

Afterwards they got reindeer headbands to wear. It was really windy so we headed home for a little while. Brian ran to the grocery store to buy a few things. After dinner we bundled up and headed back out. (Ella decided to wear 4 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and a coat she went a little overboard but wasn't cold) 

We are at that stage that when you want a family picture they want to be goofy instead. (Anna is in the stroller) 

I did get a good one of Brian and me though. 

Princess is in the stroller bundled up. 

She really wanted nothing to do with a picture.

We walked around and looked at Christmas lights, and got hot chocolate. Austin said he didn't want any hot chocolate but than ended up drinking half of mine. Afterwards we drove around some and looked at lights too. It was nice, no one complained the whole time. 

Sunday I made a cheese quiche for breakfast. 

Anna played dress up with Ella. 

Ella had a play date that was rescheduled from a few weeks ago. Austin was suppose to have a playdate but his got cancelled. They were all pretty good. 

Anna did have a little accident. Somehow she fell out of her high chair and hit her head on the heater vent. With some cuddles she was back to playing in no time. 

I was also somewhat productive on Sunday. I washed the windows on the first floor. Did two loads of laundry, lots of dishes, cleaned one bathroom, dusted the first floor ceilings... Why can't I be this productive every weekend? 

How was your weekend?
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