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Hey loves. This year is off to a rough start. I did a brief update yesterday, as of today my kids are home all week with one of them testing positive. Brian is also working from home this week (as he has been the past two weeks). All that means I don't get into the office and get my work done. This has been a struggle for the past few weeks. I am ready to kick everyone out of the house, back to school, oh and a little girl back on a sleep schedule would be awesome too. End my little vent. 

It is time for another recap of my Amazon purchases from last month. I am linking up with Tanya todayLets look what I purchased... I did a lot of Christmas shopping on Amazon this year. 

Digital thermometer for cooking. I bought this for Brian a few years ago and we use it all the time. It has been a total game changer with getting meat to the temperature we want and not under or over cooking it. I bought this as a gift for my parents. 

Insulated tumbler to keep my shakes cold while I am drinking them. 

We have gotten two orders of Goldfish crackers this month. The first order was suppose to be the whole grain kind that we always get. The box said whole grain but in the box was cheddar blasted. They were sold out of the regular and whole grain so we ordered Colors instead. Everyone must be buying their goldfish on amazon now they are sold out of a lot this month.

Ella wanted to get Brian a new wallet for Christmas. He likes money clip wallets

Bubble wall decals for Ella's mermaid under the ocean themed room

Green Tunic Long Sleeve Shirt, lightweight and comfy

We ran out of our normal vitamins for the kids from Costco the week of Christmas. I had no interest in dealing with crowds so we opted for Sundown Kids vitamins, which is our second choice. 

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren book I started with my Choose Joy bible study group.

Insulated water bottle for Ella to take to school. (she lost her last one)

New bath tub toys, Christmas present

Bubble lawn mower, Christmas present

Amazon Echo Show- I have it in my office to watch shows while I am getting work done. My kids never let me have the tv anymore. 

How to Draw dinosaurs book, Christmas present.

Microfiber duster with an extended pole

Otterbox, Christmas Present

Laptop case, Christmas present

Broom holder for our utility closet

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  1. Aw, I hope everyone is feeling better (and sleepy!) soon. This reminds me that I need a new broom/mop organizer as ours broke.

  2. I hope everyone feels better soon and things get back to normal for the new year. Thanks so much for linking up!


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