Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 did not go as planned. It was the most relaxing holiday ever though. We have only celebrated two of our Christmas with our families so far, and no idea when/if we will be doing the other two Christmas with our families. Covid hit our extended family before Christmas and our immediate family after Christmas. The kids got a longer Christmas break and have enjoyed it. (They never got sick, knock on wood)

Lets see take a quick look back at the last two weeks. (and yes it really is quick for me)

Having a full 10 days with Ella was wonderful. There were lots of memories and fun had. 

The kids got their letters from Santa again this year. 

They patiently waited to open them on the kitchen floor again. (last year there was a lot of confetti in it) 

This year inside of the letters were snowflake confetti (but not a lot to clean up)

Austin and Audrianna's letters were pretty similar, and all three kids were on the nice list. 

Ella's letter was a little different.

Christmas Eve breakfast- green pancakes with strawberries and bacon.

Time got the best of us and we didn't roll out, cut, and frost our cookies until Christmas Eve day. (better late than never) This worked out that we didn't have hundreds of cookies sitting around calling my name. 

Ella and Austin have matching Disney Mickey and Minnie personalized aprons they got a few years ago, Anna is wearing one of my extra aprons that is way to big for her and just has an A on it. Disney no longer has kids aprons. 
Anna had fun using the rolling pin on the counter, her belly, the floor, the wall, etc. (it got washed before we used it on cookies again)

While we were decorating cookies Ella also finished decorating the gingerbread house. The icing it came with was to watery and I couldn't get it to thicken. Instead we used cream cheese cake frosting. 

We made gingerbread cookies for the first time. They actually turned out good. 

Christmas Eve we had a fire, tracked Santa, and watched National Lampoons Christmas vacation. I am not a fan of the movie but Ella loved it. 

We normally do Christmas Eve boxes, but this year we were originally not suppose to have Ella and we were hosting Christmas Eve with Brian's siblings. All of that changed and the kids got to open one random gift. 

Cookies and Milk for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer.

Some little girl thought the carrots were for her, or that she is a reindeer.

Christmas morning they patiently waited for everyone to wake up to go down stairs to see if Santa came. This was after 7am too. 

Santa came. The kids opened their stockings, then Brian passed out the presents. The kids were thankful and loved everything they got. 

Anna's favorite toy is this Sven talking reindeer that she can sit on. (I bought it used and well worth what I paid for it)

Sven and Anna has been best friends watching Frozen, looking out the window watching snow and deer pass through the yard, oh and she also shares food with him. 

Merry Christmas 2021

We cleaned up and the kids played while we waited for my parents and sister to come over for round 2. The kids got Nerf guns and have been having lots of fun. 

My mom did reindeer for the kids gifts this year. The top box was some snacks. In the bottom was all their wrapped gifts. This is her second year doing a theme with boxes. (last year was snow men) It has really limited how many presents my kids get, which I love. 

Anna got a shopping cart and hair clips. While opening gifts she insisted on wearing every hair clip, and kept them in most of the day (but hasn't let me put one in her hair since.)

Dinner- prime rib, broccoli casserole, mash potatoes and gravy and rolls. For the kids we also had mac and cheese. Dessert was chocolate pie and pumpkin pie. 

After Christmas I got sick. I took my parents to a funeral on the Thursday before Christmas (wore my mask the whole time) but my father and I both ended up catching Covid. My symptoms started off as a horrible headache and really tired. I eventually lost my smell, but never lost my taste. I spent more of the week between Christmas and New Years in my room, watching Hallmark movies, reading, and napping. Anna would come keep my company and steal my phone, and take pictures of her feet. 

On New Year Day my mom did a porch drop off and brought us dinner. Anna gave her kisses through the window.

I am finally feeling better, and getting more energy. No one else in our house has shown any symptoms. We have just stayed home and relaxed. My kids are set to go back to school on Wednesday. They both need to be tested before returning to school so that is in the plans for today. 

Even though our holiday did not go as planned. We still had fun at home and spent lots of time together. How was your holiday?

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  1. It seems like everyone is getting it now. I hope you feel better! Otherwise, your holiday looked good!


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