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 Hey loves. Happy Thursday.  I can across this fun link up that Holly shared about Valentine's Day. 

1- Favorite Valentine's Memory
Growing up my dad would always buy my mom a dozen roses. He would also buy my sister and I one rose each. I just remember how special this made me feel. 

2- Chocolate, Flowers, Both?
Both, I love flowers on my table and chocolate makes everything better. I prefer dark chocolate and don't like chocolate covered strawberries. One year I got one from Godiva and the strawberry inside the chocolate was bad, I'm talking moldy rotten bad.  

3- Favorite Romantic Date?
What is a romantic date? I have kids and don't get date nights very often anymore. Right now a nice dinner just the two of us, walking around the mall or somewhere talking afterwards. In the summer driving around or going to the beach and walking. 

4- Any Valentine's Traditions with Kids?
For the whole month of February we do morning love notes. On Valentine's Day the kids get a small chocolate heart or something small. We usually do some do something special for breakfast either donuts, or just heart shaped food. 

5- How Do You Show Love?
I am big on saying " I Love You" numerous times a day. Giving hugs and kisses. 

6- Do You Decorate for Valentine's Day?
Yes. I don't go overboard but do add some pink and heart touches around the house.

7- Do You Wear Red or Pink on Valentine's Day?
No intentionally. I normally wear red for Christmas. I don't own much red or pink. 

8- Valentine's Day- Big Deal or Small Remembrance
Big deal that we always do something for Valentine's Day. However it doesn't always happen on Valentine's Day, we will plan a night out that isn't as crazy busy.

9- Favorite Ideas for School Valentine's Day Parties?
At the kids old school they had Friendship parties and were only allowed to pass out Valentine's Day Cards to each kid, nothing extra. We just buy whatever cards the kids like from the store and that was it. I have no idea what is planned for their new school, if anything with Covid. 

10- Have You Ever Had a Secret Admirier?
No and I never was one either. 

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  1. What a sweet memory, getting a rose from your dad!

  2. I chuckled at your answer on the romantic date- ha! So true :)

  3. I love that memory of the rose from your dad. And your addition to the secret admirer question "and I never was one either!" made me laugh!!!

  4. I love that your dad used to buy you each a single rose; that is so sweet!

  5. I also love the signifigance of the red roses your dad gave. What a precious memory.

  6. Thank you for joining Holly and me. We are so glad you are here. We also do our Valentine's cards in the morning as well.



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