Organizing in the New Year

Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. It is a new year, kids are finally back in school, Brian is back to working out of the house and things are starting to feel back to normal-ish. I am slowing getting into a new routine, and organizing the house. Along with that getting myself organized.  Let's look in how I am organizing my life this year. I am linking up with Shay and Erika for their monthly Lets Look series

I am a paper to pen girl. Give me me all the calendars, to do list, fancy pens, etc. I have numerous pads of papers, post its, agendas that I use pretty regularly. I would lose my mind without them. 

Now I do also use my notes app, Brian and I share google calendar to keep track of everyone's schedules, and I use google keep for random lists that I share with Brian (or hid from Brian/the kids). But most of the time I need to physically right it down. I tried a digital grocery list and to do list before and just couldn't do it. I need to see if in front of me and to be able to cross it off or highlight it. 

Since September I have been using the Simplified daily planner. There is a monthly view and then a daily view. (the daily layout is only available from direct website, weekly view you can get on amazon)

I love that every day is a new page. There is space for my to do list, daily schedule, and extra notes. Some days the whole page is full other days not so much. 

In our kitchen we have a little command center. We have a dry erase calendar that has mostly the kids events, especially now that Ella and Austin are in basketball. The L's by the number is color coordinated based on when Ella goes to her fathers. I also have started writing our weekly dinner menu on here instead of having a separate dry erase board. (I do also use the Simple Purposeful Meal Planner)

I have a separate calendar just for my blog. I got this idea from Shay at Mix and Match Mama. I just buy a calendar from the dollar tree. I separate each day in half, the top is for regular posts the bottom for recipes. I plan our most of the month in advance. If I have any sponsored content I make sure to have it written on here also. When I have the post finished and read to be published I highlight it. I also always write in pencil because it never stays the way I have originally planned. 

I am digging into the #MakeChicHappen 52 week Social Media planner. This is the 3rd edition that comes spiral bound, has month tabs, and the latest updates of social media. This year I want to grow on social media for my blog, etsy store, and health and wellness business. 

Along with the planner I also got a time blocking planner. I have never time blocked before and decided to give it a try. Hopefully this will help me be more productive.

That is how I currently am staying organized or at least trying to stay organized this year. What are you doing to stay organized? 

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