The Best Year Yet, Goals and Word for 2022

One can only hope that 2022 will be the best year yet. The past few years have sucked to say the least. Instead of dwelling in the past lets focus on the future and make it the best year yet!!! 

If am a being completely honest the start of 2022 has already sucked too. I got sick the end of December that carried over into January. The time we had Ella got changed because her dad was sick over Christmas so I didn't have her for New Years like originally planned. On January 1st we woke up with news that Brian's dad was taken to the hospital. Ella came home from her dads and tested positive right before the kids were suppose to be home so they were also home for another week. It was not how we wanted to start off our new year. 

We are now 12 days in and 353 left this year. No where does it say you have to start on January 1st with a dramatic change, or a change will never happen. You could have started on the first or start today working towards what you want to achieve. 

Goals for 2022:

Health :

  • eat at least 3 servings of veggies a day
  • move my body at least 5 days a week
  • decrease processed foods

Reading :

  • read 1 personal development book a month
  • complete 1 devotional a month (or however long each devotional is)
  • Read 70 books this year

Family :

  • 1 game night a month
  • 1 outing of some sort a month
  • everyone dentist appointments
  • everyone doctor appointments
  • give the kids more responsibility

Relationship :

  • at least 1 date night with just Brian and I
  • get together with friends at least once a month
Blog :
  • 1 essay a month
  • 1 review a month

Word of 2022

I have done a word of the year for the past few years. Usually that word or saying is "thrown in my face" and I know what it is well in advance.  This year it was in the last few days and I actually saw someone else use this as their word of the year and it just hit home. 
My word for 2022 is MORE
  • more time for me
  • more time being present with my kids
  • more time with just Brian and I
  • more time with family
  • more time connecting God
  • more out of my workouts
  • help more people
  • more organization
  • more focused, less random scrolling
  • more reading
  • more connections with friends old and new
  • more time doing things that bring me joy and happiness
  • more intention with my time

Did you pick a word for 2022?

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