Weekend Recap

Hey loves. It was a long weekend, that felt even longer. We also have a short week, my kids only have school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday since it is the end of the grading period. We got snow and had some family fun. 

Here's a little recap:

Saturday January 15

Austin had his second basketball practice. He went crying and scared. By the end of it he was having fun. Basketball is completely new to Austin, there are kids that are good and I think they intimidate him. When he got home I asked him if he had fun and he said yes.

Ella had her second basketball game. She started off a little rough. I could tell something was bothering her and she wasn't mentally in the game. By the second quarter she flipped a switch and was in it. 

This is Ella's first time playing basketball also and she is learning as she goes. She is getting confident in stealing the ball, blocking, and running with the ball. She scored two points in the game. I could tell that boosted her confidence so much. 

(on Monday Brian took her to practice just the two of them and work on her shooting. She also had practice with her team and they are getting more confident as a whole. )

Even though it was originally Ella's dad's weekend I picked her up early to take her to use a family Christmas gift experience. We were given tickets to Disney on Ice. 

Our seats were in the 5th row in the corner. We were still able to see everything. Austin and Ella had a direct view with no one blocking their view. Anna went back and forth from sitting with me or with Brian. 

Anna had the most fun. Here she is screaming at Minnie Mouse. She dances, sang, clapped along, etc. Ella and Austin not so much they both have always been my more shy kids. 

While the majority of the show as princesses they did have some Toy Story, In and Out, and Finding Nemo/Dory. 

Here you can see Belle, Rapunzel, Mickey and Minnie. 

In the back is Snow White, which is Anna's favorite. She wasn't on the ice long. 


Merida (brave)

Tiana She actually fell a few times. 

Here is Ariel and Prince Eric. 

Rapunzel and Flynn did some rope spinning also. Rapunzel almost fell once while up with Flynn, you saw her grab him. 

My favorite part was Moana.

You can't forget Maui. He had a hard time seeing in his costume and almost fell a few times too.

There was also a long Frozen part. I was holding Anna at this time so was unable to take a quick picture. We all oved Disney on Ice. I brought glow sticks with us that I got from the dollar store. We also brought in some Goldfish crackers. We bought popcorn and drinks. My kids never asked for the wands, or snow cones light up drinks. (We had mentioned letting them have a snow cone cup but they never asked for it, but they also don't really eat snow cones). Ella's favorite part was Ariel. Austin loved it all. I can see us going back to see it again next year. Oh there are different shows too so you never know who is going to be at the one near you. 

Ella and Audrianna also dressed up in their Anna costumes and Austin wore a Star Wars shirt. 
We got home just as it started to snow. We lit and fire and planned on a family movie night. Audrianna had other plans of wanting to go to bed. Ella, Austin and Brian had a movie night. I put Anna to bed and fell asleep with her. 

It SNOWED!!!!! The weather man was finally right and we got snow. We got a good 10 inches. Brian got to use his new snow blower, that works wonderfully. He got the driveway done in about an hour. (He did end up going back out later after it stopped snowing and the wind died down and had to do it again.)

Ella and Austin got all bundled up to go play outside. They lasted a good 30 minutes. 

I wasn't ready to go outside yet so we grabbed a beach towel, a mixing bowl, and a baking sheet and brought snow in the house for Anna to play with in the kitchen. Oh and gloves too. 

She played with it for about 10 minutes then was cold. 

Later in the afternoon, right at nap time, Ella, Austin, and Brian all went outside so Anna wanted to go too. I got her all bundled up. She has pants and a shirt, a fleece footed pajamas, snow pants and her coat on. Plus her hat and two pairs of gloves. 

She had a blast just flopping in the snow. 

We stayed out there for 15 minutes. Anna didn't want to come in but I was afraid her fingers would get to cold and she wouldn't say anything. Then it was nap time. 

I wish our snow was packable to be able to make a snowman or have a snowball fight. It was just heavy and fluffy. 

We ended our long weekend with another soup and grilled cheeses for dinner. Ella had basketball practice, while Austin got a shower and Anna helped me clean up the house. 

How was your weekend?

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