Weekend Wrap Up

Hey loves. Happy Monday. We are coming off of another long three day weekend. I really had hoped to relax and catch up on sleep, but mom life that never happens. As I am sitting her writing this on Sunday evening, it is still snowing, and it was suppose to stop 6 hours ago, welcome to lake effect snow. Fingers crossed the kids have school on Monday (today). 

Here's a little recap:


The kids are off school. Ella has been loving her new cookbook she got for Christmas. She has made 5 or 6 things already. Here she is making lemonade. I helped her modify the recipe to make just one cup. 

They say that if you pay attention, you can find a heart in a different random place every day.

If you know me, I love hearts. I find them on trees, rocks, in the snow, tire tracks, etc. today a wild little toddler got a highlighter and made herself a heart tattoo. It could always be worse. She also ended up with a lot more tattoos all over her, this is what happens when mom goes to the bathroom.

Friday is laundry day. The day started off with Audrianna vomiting a few times so we had to wash two beds before I even started on clothes. I had seven loads of clothes. Where are all these clothes coming from?

Not pictured is Austin. He spent a lot of time playing in his room making a city with his cars. I snapped a picture when he went to get a snack, otherwise no on allowed in his room. He doesn't want Anna to mess it up. 

Friday night called for haircuts. All 4 of them. Here is Ella's before

and after. I took a good 3 inches off. (she wasn't thrilled). It has been fighting lately over brushing her hair and getting out all the knots. Hopefully these few inches help. Otherwise I will keep going shorter until she can learn to take care of her hair herself or she lets me do it without a fight. And Yes I have showed her, and talked to her numerous times about how to take care of her hair. 

Anna's hair I cut a few inches off too. Same deal with fighting over knots. She looks so cute with the curls popped up again. 

Austin no longer has curls in the back or a double cowlick mohawk when he takes his hat off. 


Austin looks like a French man with his Nutella mustache. 

After breakfast Brian took Austin to his basketball practice. This is the first time that Austin didn't cry. He said he had a little bit of fun and was very social during practice with the other kids. 

My parents came over to watch Audrianna for Ella's game. If possible we are going to use a sitter to watch Anna isn't of taking her to the basketball game. She doesn't have the patience to sit and watch. 

While we were at the game Anna spotted deer outside, it had been a few weeks since we had seen the female deer. They actually sat in the woods next to our house for almost 3 hours, just starring at our house. We need to figure out what we can buy to feed them since pumpkins are not in season.

Ella's basketball game didn't well. The team she was playing against was very good. Come to find out 4 of the 5 girls are on a travel team also, compared to Ella's team most of the girls this it their first year. The score was something crazy like 34 to 6 or something. Ella also kept getting called out on fouls, when she was doing the same thing a different girl was doing the week prior but it was a different ref. 
When we left a lady stopped and said she was watching Ella play. She is the coach for a local girls high school basketball team. She said she saw so much potential is Ella and could see her going far, don't let today's game discourage her. That feels wonderful to hear. 

Saturday evening we had planned to take Ella to watch our city's girls basketball game. We had a sitter lined up for Austin and Anna. 10 minutes we were suppose to leave Audrianna has an upset stomach. Within 5 minutes we had changed two diapers and outfits. I opted to stay home with her (which ended up being a good choice). Austin still went to Grandma's. Ella really enjoyed the game, asked lots of questions, and is ready for this weeks practice. 


There were 5 deer passing through. You can't see but it is also snowing. 

Anna helped me make a quiche for breakfast. 

She also helped Brian start the fire by getting a draft. 

Anna dropped her crayons next to the end table last night. I forgot to pick them up. I go to grab them today and find two crayons melted. Some got on the carpet, and the blue stained the white went. I got it off by sticking it outside in the cold then I was able to scrap it off easily. 

Brian built a fire for me to sit and relax and watch the snow. Now only if I got to relax, but a little girl had different plans for me aka driving me nuts and wanting to nurse anytime I sat down. 

Ella was back to her cookbook. Here she is making guacamole. She was so persistent that I buy avocados that she liked them. She took one bite and hated it and didn't like the guacamole either. Brian and I thought this was probably the best guacamole we have had in a long time. 

Ella and I made egg bites for breakfast this week too. 

Austin and Ella got electronics taken away after being on them to long. They ended up playing the game of Life, hide and seek, and made up a Minecraft in real life game. 

After dinner was showers, dessert was brownie bites, then bed. It has been a long weekend. Fingers crossed Anna feels better tomorrow and also sleeps tonight. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Wow Mama- you have so much energy- just love it! You are rockin' this mom life...your littles are simply adorable and thanks for linking up with us! :)

    1. Thanks so much. I have to have the energy to keep up with them.

  2. That looks like a great weekend! I loved when my boys made play spots in their rooms! Thanks for linking up!


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