Wonder Mom

 A few years ago Ella gave me a nickname. Wonder Mom. It was around the time that the latest Wonder Woman movie was released. 

It was very random as we weren't watching the movie, and weren't even talking about watching the movie.  I was carrying her around the house the other day on my hip when she was sick. She was like "Mom you really are like Wonder Woman you have super strength. I didn't think you would be able to carry me this long. You're my Wonder Mom" 

Her saying that to me all those years ago (5 years ago) has really stuck with me. Our kids look at us with those eyes that say "Mom you can do it all" They aren't seeing all the negativity, the hate, the harsh things we say to ourselves but would never want them to say about themselves. (you're fat, you have a big forehead, your boring...) They see the humor, the fun, the love, and the nurture we give to them.

It doesn't matter if you a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, or work outside the house. As a mom everything we do is unconditionally driven by our love for our family. From feeding them breakfast, sitting on the floor playing Legos, or reading the same bedtime story for the millionth time. 

I hope I will always be the Wonder Mom in my kids eyes. Being able to look up to me, being proud of who I am, being happy to call me Mom. While surprising them with my wonder mom characteristics along the way. 

Every mom is a Wonder Mom. Every Woman is a Wonder Woman.

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  1. So wonderful to read this on a Monday Morning- Go Mama and thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you. it is just one of those things I will always remember

  3. Right!! We definitely don't give ourselves enough credit. Good message.

    1. so true we focus on what we didn't do compared to everything we have done

  4. That is so great! You are right - our kiddos are watching and more often than not think we are amazing! Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration! Thanks for linking up.


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