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Hey loves. Happy Thursday. How has your week been going? I have been fighting a cold on and off for the past week. Thank you kids for giving it to me. I was feeling better on Sunday and Monday, then Tuesday felt like crap again. Hopefully I am on the mend and can get back in the swing of things, everything has been on the back burner that I don't do from my phone, so blogging and editing. I however can still do my health and wellness mentoring easily from my phone. Last week Austin was home sick one day, Anna another day, and they had a snow day. This week Anna has been very clingy also so not much has been getting done around the house either. 

Oh and we are suppose to be getting hit with another ice and snow storm again tonight. It had originally started with only 3-5 inches now they are talking anywhere from 5 to 10 inches. I see the kids having another snow day tomorrow. When was the last time they had a full week of school, maybe last year. 

I am doing a fun Spring fashion link up today with Patty and Holly for Monthly Musing. 

1- Favorite Spring Pieces in Your Wardrobe?

Let's be honest here. For the past 3 plus years I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding (still working on this) I need to update my wardrobe. The only difference I have is going from a winter coat to a spring jacket. I this jacket and this one that i love. 

2- Favorite Color to Wear in Spring?

On myself personally I love this light blue/green color. 

3- How Do You Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring?

Once winter is gone I pull my sweaters out of the closet and put them away. 

4- Favorite Accessory for Spring?

I don't change any accessories because I really don't wear much. I will switch out my apple watch band and faceplate to something brighter colored. 

5- Do You Change Handbags in the Spring?

Yes in the winter months I use an over the shoulder handbag or just grab my wallet and stick it in the coat pocket. Once I ditch that winter coat I go back to my over the shoulder purse or backpack purse. 

6- Best Tips for Off Season Storage?

I have a tote that I store in the basement that has all my winter sweaters. In the winter I store my summer dresses in it. 

7- Best Tips for Editing Your Wardrobe?

I really need to update my wardrobe. I have been saving a few ideas of clothes I would like to purchase

8- What Color Just Says Spring to You?

When I think of Spring. I think of Easter and pale pastel colors

9- Best Spring Transition Outfit?


10- Do You Have a Favorite Spring Fragrance? 

I don't wear perfumes, and haven't for years. I also still don't have my smell back from having Covid this past December. I do love the smell of fresh flowers in the kitchen. 

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  1. We're all fighting off some mild colds here too and it's such an irritation. We're also looking at a snow day for tomorrow with the same accumulation amounts. I hate how many snow days we're racking up this year and kind of wish our school had done like some other districts-- allow 3 or 4 snow days and then make all the rest virtual learning days. I'd much rather get out early in the summer! I added a couple of those tops you're eyeing to my Wishlist; they are so pretty.

  2. We are getting snow tomorrow too- BOO- I hate winter- talking about Spring fashion is making me have hope- love all the spring colors too-thanks for linking up!


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