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 Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Our was low key and crappy weather. I did get a bunch done on my to do list and Spring Cleaning List so at least I feel like I accomplished something. Still lots of cleaning to go. I never realized how much more our new house would be to clean. I would never live in a mansion unless I had a maid. Hard to believe it is the last week of March already. Please bring back the warmer weather. 

I did a Q and A last week on my Instagram. I answered a few on them on Instagram and answering a few of the questions here.

You always look put together and dressed. Tips for getting yourself ready when you have little kids at home?

Just Do It! (I should like Nike) but honestly don't skip it. You will be more productive if you are out of your pajamas. 

I lay my clothes out the night before. I have a routine I do when I get up (even though it isn't my full mindful morning routine where I am up before everyone else but we are currently not in that season). Keep it simple. I change my clothes, do a quick wash of my face, usually put my contacts in, brush my teeth and a little eye make-up (mascara, eye liner).

How have your kids adjusted to your move? 

They are doing great with the move. 

Anna has her own room, a driveway we can chalk in, more space to run around. Neighborhood kids her age to play with

Austin no longer has to share a room with Anna. His transition to the new school has gone well. He is still struggling with speech but working with a therapist and we are seeing progress. There are so kids in our neighborhood for him to play with. Austin also has two cute little twins down the street, one is in his class and they are good friends already. 

Aubriella has her own room and closet, she is no longer sharing space with Audrianna. There is also a big space in the basement for her crafts and Legos. Ella is doing so much better in school. She was previously struggling in reading and is now average. She is going to regionals in Science Academic Challenge. She found her sport of basketball. In her class she has made new friends, one of which was invited her to her birthday party and a sleepover. She has also made friends with a bunch of girls in the neighborhood, they hang out pretty much everyday after school.

Three Happies?

- Almost Spring and warmer weather coming

- Kids are making new friends

- 80 days until vacation

What do you do for fun? 

Reading, going for walks, playing with my kids, watching Disney movies, and working out for my sanity.

What is this Gut Health program you are starting soon?

It is a 4 Week Gut nutrition program created to encourage overall gut health. Through the process of eliminating foods that most often cause gastric distress & observing how your body reacts, you may be able to identify & remove troublesome foods for you.

There is also 4 weeks of no impact workouts that are meant for everyday. No impact doesn't mean no results. 

Want more info or to join me? We start next Monday this week is all about preparing to succeed. Lets Chat!!!

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  1. Glad to hear all the kids are adjusting well to the move.

    1. It is always scary worrying if you are making the right decision for everyone.

  2. Sounds like the move was the right thing and so glad you have more room- that will make life so much easier right? Your nutrition program sounds very intriguing- please keep us posted! :)


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