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Hey loves. Happy last day of March. Bring on April, warmer weather, more sunshine, and I am sure more rain too. Today I am linking up with with Patty and Holly for Monthly Musing. 

1- Do you celebrate Easter, Passover, or another holiday?

We celebrate Easter with family.

2- Do you decorate your home for Spring?

Usually yes. I normally do St. Patrick's Day then Easter and Spring. This year I only put like two things for St. Patrick's day and I haven't done anything for Spring and Easter yet. 

3- Favorite Spring Meal?

Weather permitting anything on the grill. Also means I don't have to make it because I don't use the grill. 

4- Is your Spring Break in March or April?

Our Spring Break is always the week after Easter so this year it is in April.

5- Favorite Spring Easter tradition or activity?

I love coloring hard boiled eggs with the kids. Also the excitement my kids get over doing Easter egg hunts. 

6- What are you most looking forward to this Spring?

Getting outside, fresh air, family walks, 

7- Favorite Spring Fashion items?

I am not much of a fashion person. I am excited though to wear sandals and not tennis shoes and boots all the time. 

8- Do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?

Not really. 

9- Does the Easter bunny visit your house?

Yes the Easter bunny visits. He leaves baskets somewhere hidden for the kids and (weather permitting) an egg hunt either outside or inside. 

10- Any traditions or activities coming back post Covid?

Not really

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I enjoyed your comment about the grill- so true here too ;)

  2. I also do not grill. I leave that to Running Daddy and I think they is a Good call! Thanks for joining us today.


  3. Yes, I love grilling season! I will cook on the grill but prefer to leave that to my husband and son.

  4. I love a good family walk, especially in the spring! And yes, I don't grill either!


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