Spring Love

Hey loves. It is officially Spring. Now bring on the warmer days and no more snow. A girl can dream. i live in Ohio and know that we have a chance of snow until the end of April, sometimes even the beginning of May. However it doesn't stick around long and there are warmer days mixed in. 

Spring isn't my favorite season, it is probably my third favorite (Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter) if I had to put them in order. I still love Spring and looking forward to so many things.

What I am looking forward to this spring:

1- Outside fun-  From the kids playing outside, family walks, bike rides,...

2- Birds chirping - I love hearing the birds in the morning.

3- More wildlife-  We already get a lot of deer, at most we have seen 15 at one time. I am excited to see what else we get with the little woods next to us. Audrianna was watching 4 squirrels playing in the yard the other day.

4- Opening the windows-  Having a breeze through the house and fresh air.

5- Flowers- I love having fresh flowers on the table, tulips are my favorite right now. With our new house we are waiting to see if there are any flowers that were previously planted or we will be planting bulbs in the fall. Our neighbor mentioned that one of our trees is very pretty in the spring so I can't wait to see what it looks like. 

6- Spring sports- Austin is doing football and in a few weeks Ella will be doing soccer. These are both new sports for them. Fingers crossed they have fun.

7- Spring Break- We normally don't go anywhere but it is nice to have a break. 

8- Lighter or no Coats - I hate wearing a coat, Austin struggled with keeping her bookbag on with his winter coat. It is harder to carry a purse with a winter coat. The little things. 

What do you love about Spring?

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  1. Yes to all of it! Love the planting and the eating outside and having the windows open- more outdoor walks- longer days- love it all!

  2. Yes to all that! We can still get snow well into Mother's day too but I know that any snow after March usually doesn't stick around for very long so that somehow makes it more bearable.


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