Weekend Recap

 Hey loves. We had a low key weekend. Its a quick recap day because I didn't take many photos.


Friday was Anna's day with Memaw and Papaw. I dropped her off and headed home to get some stuff done around the house and on the computer.

I am between workout programs so I just picked a quick core workout to get done. Our firestick was upstairs so I got it done upstairs with the doors open. 

After the kids got off school they played with friends for a few minutes than we all went to go get Anna. Anna didn't have a nap and was crabby. I expected her to fall asleep on the way home in the car but that didn't happen. We stopped and grabbed dinner and went home to eat and bed. Anna fought for a few minutes to go to sleep, but went out quickly once she calmed down. 


Saturday morning breakfast helper. Ella decided she wanted to make herself a yogurt parfait from her cookbook for breakfast. 

This is Brian's masterpiece for breakfast. Everything but the bagel English muffin with a half brown, cheese, egg, and sausage patty. I did not finish the whole thing. 

Saturday was a rainy cold crappy day. It called for a morning of playing a few games with the kids. Ella picked Disney Song Challenge, I have to say as a Disney lover, when you're put on the spot to sing song lyrics it can be heard. Some I was completely stumped on like Fox and the House and Aristicats. 
The other game we played was Beat the Parent Disney Edition. 

Brian was gone most of the mid day getting taxes done (finally) and a lunch date with the boys. While we was gone the kids played on electronics, played legos, watched a movie, and didn't really let me get much done. 

After Brian got home I made the kids a quick dinner of leftovers, drank my pre-workout and pressed play on a workout. On April 4th I am starting the new gut protocol nutrition program and no impact workouts that go with the program. I know I personally do not do well when I just pick and choose workouts and don't stick to a play. I decided to start 9 week Control Freak Off the Wall. I will only get about 2 weeks of it completed before I take a break to do the other program, but right now this is what I need. I really forgot how much I loved the original 9 week control freak


Sunday morning I started off my morning getting my workout done. I knew that if I didn't get it done before breakfast it wouldn't get done because we had a busy day ahead of us. While I worked out, Brian made breakfast. 
After breakfast Brian and I had showers, and I did my hair and got ready for the day while the kids played with toys, no electronics. 

We dropped Anna off Grandma's and headed to Austin's second football practice and game. I had looked at his schedule and Ella's schedule and this would be the only game she would be able to make it to all year. 

Here is the reason Anna won't be going to football games with us. There is just this small bench to sit on and the white line is where the field is. She would want to be in the game with the kids not watching. Brian is also one of the coaches so she would also want him.

Notice the hair in her face. She is something else. She also has been parting to the far far far side, like what I remember the EMO kids doing. 

There's Austin.

After football we went back to Brian's parents. We were celebrating his brother's birthday. We were under the impression that dinner would be at 4, but we didn't eat until 6. I wanted to leave by 630 as it was bath and shower night. It became a hectic rushed dinner and dessert and rush home to get everything done. Anna didn't have a nap again, she ended up not getting her bath since she was so over tired. 

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