Weekend Wrap up- More Snow

Hey loves. How was your weekend? Our weekend included more snow and lots of projects being done around the house. Lets take a quick look...


The snow has started again. Walking home from the school bus Austin is trying to catch snow on his tongue. He was successful a few times. 

We got home and Ella made herself a Shamrock Shake. 

Austin has been grounded from electronics, no tablet, no TV to himself, no xbox. His temper tantrums have been horrible lately. I turned on a Disney movie for everyone to watch he crawled up next to me and cuddled and held my hand. Anna was sleeping was the only reason he was allowed close to me too. 

Brian got some time to work on the floor in our mudroom. This is one of our house projects we started when we moved in 4 months ago. It is almost finished. 

Ella went to her dads for the weekend. Anna woke up and was made she didn't get to see Ella. She threw a temper tantrum and wanted her socks, shoes, coat and hat on. She went outside for a few minutes just walked up and down the driveway, than Brian was home with dinner and she was content again. 

We ended the night watching more Disney movies and Anna and Austin getting along. 


Saturday morning craziness. It was our first weekend without having to rush out the door for a crazy day of basketball. Instead we played "mommy says" like Simon says. 

Brian was working so I dragged the kids downstairs to do my last workout of my current program. (No kids were harmed in my jumping excitement)

Anna took a nap, Austin was playing with his trains, Brian wen to Menards, I went to the basement to get some things done. I should have taken before pictures. I straightened up our storage corner that Ella destroyed, put all our games on a shelf, emptied out one of the random rooms, put all Ella's crafts in the cupboards... We are having more work done in our basement soon and I didn't want our stuff getting destroyed again and more organized. 

She is so cute when she is sleeping. 

Brian's uncle came over to deep clean our fish tank. It was horribly green. The filter wasn't working properly. He took all our plants and figurines home to scrub them. It was bad. 

More snow outside calls for a book, fire, Blippi on tv and the kids playing with Duplo blocks. 

Let's not forget the cutest fire lady. 

I went upstairs to do something and come down to Brian made the kids a box fort. 

They both said they were going to sleep in the fort. 

Than Anna wanted to sleep in Austin's room in the bottom bunk that I just put pillows and blankets on. 

Then Anna wanted to sleep in the top bunk with Austin. That didn't happen either. Austin did sleep in the living room in the fort most of the night. Anna slept in her own bed (with me half the night)


Hello daylight savings. Anna was up at her normal time of 6am, so new time 7am. Brian and Austin slept in. I made breakfast. Heart shaped waffles, sausage, and eggs. I made extra waffles so the kids have a fun breakfast throughout the week. (Ella has already said she likes the hearts better than the frozen ones)

She has pockets. We sat on the couch and cuddled while Austin and Brian had his first football practice. Brian is one of the coaches, it was hectic, and somewhat unorganized so he didn't get any pictures. 

Anna did take a nap though. 

I got a 30 minute ride on the bike and some reading. Took a Shower. 

After naptime Anna and Austin went to grandmas for a few hours so Brian and I could get more stuff done around the house. I honestly didn't do to much this time around besides cleaning up. Here is the before of the toy mess

And the after. 

Brian's uncle came back with the plants and figurines for our fish tank and it looks wonderful again. 

The kids had a blast at grandma's. It was home for dinner, cuddles, and bed. 

Overall we had a wonderful fun productive weekend. 

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