Weekend Wrap Up

Hey loves. Last weekend we got teased with spring weather, temps in the 60s. I am so ready for the sunshine and warmer weather to stick around. I know better that it is only March and there is still snow in our future. 


Friday I got a child free few hours. Anna spent a few hours with my parents. Before school Anna was so excited for "Papaw Day". She loves getting the one on one attention from her grandparents once a week. They also spoil her with letting her play legos. 

I had a half way productive day. I got my workout done without interruption. I did laundry and some other odds and ends around the house. Oh and I also watch the last episode of Love is Blind season 2. (wow is all I have to say)
I ordered groceries from Instacart the day before and picked them up. Put them away and cleaned the veggies. I left the veggies on the stove to completely dry.
I had to pick the kids up from school. Ella had a school project that I don't know if they would have allowed her on the bus. I dropped her off in the morning (Austin rode the bus by himself) and I picked them up after school. I got there plenty early not knowing how crazy it would be and I didn't want to be stopped on the main road. I have to say this new school is very organized. 
We came home the kids had a snack, did homework and relaxed. After Ella went to her dad's, Brian Austin and I went and picked up food from a local fish fry and headed to my parents. We ate dinner and hung out of a little bit before heading home 

We walk in the door Audrianna grabs a chair, slides it over to the stove where the produce was drying. She helped herself to some celery. I won't complain that she likes celery.
We ended the night getting the kids down for bed. I feel asleep in Anna's bed (nothing new). She woke up at 1018 having a night terror. This was her first one ever. Ella use to get them around her age. She screamed, kicked, hit, tossed turned, threw herself on the bed for a good 15 minutes before she finally calmed down and fell asleep. 


Austin had his last basketball game. It was also his first game that I got to go to. It was so cute watching Kindergartens run around, chase after a ball, and shoot. There were like two kids that were really good. A few kids that just ran back and forth. Oh and the excitement on most of the kids faces when they actually got the ball. 

They don't keep score, they are all winners. Here is his whole team. 

Ella also had her last game. Damn was it a good game. They won down to the last 12 seconds to go. Ella helped make the assist for the winning point. She is sad the season is over but already talking about next year. 

Sneak peak of a little project we are doing. 

Anna took a nap, Austin asked to go for a walk. He scootered, I walked and we stopped at the playground for a little while. 

Brian was busy doing some yard work that turned into demo. Austin got to help out too. Doesn't he look cute wearing my Mickey Mouse sunglasses as his eye protection. 

It was a busy day tearing out trees and bushes, and taking down the railings that were rotted. It is hard to tell but the windows on the porch are also open. The previous owners had painted the windows shut. I managed to cut the paint and pry the window open. It is nice having fresh air and a breeze. Now I just have to find screens for these windows. 

Here is a before picture. 

I can now see out my windows and the house looks so much more open.

Anna woke up and got a little ride in, minus her peddling we are still working on that. 

Both kids "helped: sweep. They really made more of a mess but it's the thought that counts. 

We also pulled out the chalk and did some drawing. It is wonderful to have a driveway that you can chalk on, our last driveway was pebbles and chalking didn't work very well. 

Anna tried her brother's old scooter. by the end of the weekend she was getting the hang of it. We need to get her a scooter with only 1 wheel in back and 2 in front. 

Austin got a new scooter with 2 wheels in front for Christmas. The handle doesn't turn, you just lean with it. He has mastered it. 

While we were outside, a few houses down there were kids outside playing. One little boy walked down and asked if Austin wanted to play with them. Austin came and asked if he could go play and I said yes as long as I could still see them. (There is a school playground behind us but we can't see over there). 

This is what we wanted when we moved. We wanted a neighborhood with kids to play with. Neighbors who are outside and say hi and talk to you. We hit the jackpot with this neighborhood. It melts my mommy heart the kids playing together. 

They even played and shared with Audrianna and weren't like shes a baby she can't play with us. 


Sunday morning was cleaning day. It was gorgeous out and in the 60s. We opened all the windows and doors. My little monster tried to escape out the door into the mud. 

I ended up finding the old screen and putting it in the door. It doesn't slide, but will at least keep the bugs out and the child in. 

Before Brian had to go to work we went for a walk. There was a bit of a breeze and Anna asked for a blanket. We didn't have one with us so we used Brian's shirt that he had thrown in the stroller.

Austin had a play date with one of his classmates and her twin sister. They actually live down the street. They played outside for a while chalking, riding bikes and scooters. They went inside and played with trains, cars, and Anna's toys. They went back outside and blew bubbles and rode more scooters. 

We ended the night having grilled pork tenderloin, smashed potatoes, and air fried green beans for dinner. Than it was baths and bedtime. 

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