Back to Reality

 Good morning. How was your weekend? As I am typing this it is 5am. The first time in forever that I have gotten up this early. I am drinking my pre-workout and about to head downstairs to start Monday off on the right foot. I am on my last week of doing 4 Weeks for Everybody no impact workouts. I am loving the program pared with 4 Week Gut Protocol. I can't wait to share my results. I a getting my workout done early as I am getting the two girls I am watching in less than an hour. I know if I don't get it done before they get here it won't happen. 

This past weekend was GORGEOUS. No rain with temperatures in the 80s. We spent 90 % of the weekend outside doing yardwork, cleaning the garage, going to the Farmer's Market, and playing. I did not get to sit down and get a new blog post up. Today you are just getting this quick update and cut smiling picture of two of my kiddos. I will be back tomorrow with some realistic Mother's Day ideas. I saw someone post Instagram a rude comment she received from someone saying that what she shared as a Mother's Day Gift Guide was nothing she would ever buy her mother. I am going to post suggestions of affordable, realistic items that I would give my mom, mother in law, or would receive myself.

See you tomorrow. 

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  1. Jealous of your beautiful weekend- it is still chilly here- waiting for the real spring weather to arrive!

    1. our nice weather isn't lasting. we are back to the a high of 38 on Wednesday

  2. That sounds like a lovely weekend; we're still getting those random day or two of nice weather and then a cold snap as well and I am really ready for that nice weather to STICK around!!

    1. i am so ready for the nice weather to stick around too


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