Monthly Musings April

Hey loves. Happy last Thursday in April. I need May to bring me lots of sunshine and warmer temps. We got a little teasing of nice weather but we also got a lot of cold weather and snow. Today I am linking up with with Patty and Holly for Monthly Musing. 


1. What trips/vacations do you have planned for the rest of this year?
In the middle of June we are staying at a duplex with my parents and sister at a gated community island in South Carolina for a week. On the way home we are stopping at Brian's sisters farm in Kentucky.
That is all we currently have planned. We have talked about taking the kids camping again this year for a weekend too. 

2. Best packing tips?
Make a list, and start in advance. As long as you have a car or can uber, if you forget something you can run to the store. This doesn't work well if on a cruise.

3. Packing cubes yes or no? 
Yes they have been a game changer since having kids. I can organize and pack two, sometimes three kids and myself in one suitcase. 

4. Favorite travel outfit?
Something comfy. Weather depending with yoga pants or cozy shorts. Always a tank top (which is what I wear 90% of the time) and have a zip up hoodie and blanket near by. 

5. Favorite vacation destination and why?
Disney World, the most magical place on earth. 

6. Have you flown since March 2020?
No. 1- we didn't want to fly with kids being required to wear masks. 2- we haven't gone anywhere without kids. 3- with three kids it has been cheaper to drive.

7. Beach or Mountain for vacation?
Beach, I have honestly never done a mountain vacation but I would be open to it. 

8. Do you prefer to sight see or relax on vacation?
Both depending on the vacation. This year we have a more relaxing vacation planned with sitting on the beach, a pool, enjoying company, etc. However Brian doesn't sit still ever and wants to do sightseeing. Now if we are at Disney it is usually go go go with maybe one rest day. 

9. Hotel, camping or Airbnb?
Hotel. I have never done air bnb but would be open to trying it. Camping on occasion but prefer not a tent or on the ground.

10. Overpacker ?Underpacker?
Usually an overpacker. My first trip as an adult without parents I went on a cruise. I was so worried I would forget something and not be able to get it or have to pay a million dollars for it on the ship that I have gotten in the habit of over packing. I still overpack with kids clothes and stuff. Clothes wise for myself I am an underpacker. 

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  1. You definitely have to do a mountain vacation one of these years. The mountains are beautiful!

  2. I have never done a mountain vacation either- such a beach bum here but agree- completely open to trying it! Yes totally makes sense to drive everywhere with three kids- these years can be challenging! :)

  3. Seems like several of us vacation in South Carolina! It's so gorgeous. Thank you for joining us today.

    1. this will actually be our first time in South Carolina. i grew up going to North Carolina

  4. South Carolina is such a pretty state to visit! I am going on a cruise next month and feel like my packing list is so much longer than if I am somewhere else where I can just go to a store easily.


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