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Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. How is your week going? It is another crazy week around here with sports, but after Memorial day things start to calm down, or at least I hope. I am recapping last week...

Monday May 16

Some hype music early Monday morning on my drive to go get Ella from her dads. 50 Cent bringing back the memories of high school

It has become a new thing even on the days Anna doesn't have school she walks the bus stop with her siblings, some days wearing her bookbag. 

Monday nights Ella has soccer practice. While she is at practice we go for a walk around the pond looking for "quack quacks" as Anna calls it. 

Then we end the time playing at the playground for a little while. 

I started something new. Meet Betty. She is my sourdough starter, or at least in hopes to be an active starter soon. 

Tuesday May 17

For the last 26 days of school their has been a different theme. K was kindness, n is neon, etc. Here they are on L day for Luau. I found the lei and the grass skirt at Dollar Tree. They kids had their blue Disney Hawaiian shirt/dress from last years Disney vacation. 

Brian moved his Christmas chocolate down from his tall dresser when doing some reorganizing. Some cute little girl got ahold of them and asked for one. Then that turned into her having two chocolates. How do you say no to this face. 

I took Anna to the park while Ella was at basketball camp and Austin was at baseball practice. Can you see her? She is on the other side of the baseball field. She was cashing a bird. 

I got her to leave the park by following this duck home. He walked down the sidewalk, around our neighbors house, between our houses, and through our front yard. 

I shared a mom tip on Instagram to get your kids to eat more fruit (and veggies too). I left a bowl of grapes on the counter that were previously sitting in the fridge. If they are in the fridge they are out of sight out of mind. Sitting on the table they are insight and my kids ate all the grapes in one day. 

Wednesday May 18

A busy morning that went far from my original plan. Ella and Austin go on the bus then I dropped Anna off at my parents house for her weekly grandparents day. When I left my parents I ran to Walmart for a few things and did a quick window shopping at Marshalls and Home Goods. 
The plan was then to go home get some work done on my computer and clean/vacuum the house and mop the floors. Instead I went home did my quick 20 minute workout, took a shower and crashed. I was just do drained and had a horrible headache for some reason. Thankfully I set my alarm to get up to make it to Ella's school for.... 

Ella had a music concert at her school. It was during the day and limited to 2 parents per child. She is in the second row, wearing the jean top and white dress with leggings underneath. She was so nervous that she kept standing behind another kid while she was singing so this was the only good photo I got of her. 

Half of the concert was vocal where they sang 5 songs, 3 in English, 1 in Spanish and 1 in French. Spanish and French are the foreign languages that her school has, you learn one each semester starting in Kindergarten, which is something that is completely new to us as the old school didn't offer any languages. 
The other half of the concert the kids played the recorder. They had only been practicing since February and did really well. 

Putting on real clothes calls for a selfie. I am still loving these high rise jeans I bought last month. This shirt I got as a gift last year and it never seemed to fit right, but I still never got rid of it. I just so happened to pull it out of the closet and it fit and looked good. 

Oh but don't worry I got back into my comfy clothes after the kids got off the bus. 

I still had to pick Anna up from my parents (Brian was working all day) so I took Ella to her dads and Bud went along for the ride (also he can't stay home alone) He must have had a rough day that he fell asleep in the car again. 
We picked up Mcdonalds for everyone (I am not perfect on my health and wellness journey) we went through the drive thru since he was asleep. I ended up having to wake him up when I had to run into the restaurant because they messed up our order. 

Thursday May 19

I switched up my workout time. Instead of sitting and scrolling my phone while I waited the 35 ish minutes between the from the older two got on the bus and I had to drive Anna to preschool we went downstairs on pressed play on my 20 minute workout. OMG death by bands, but it was a good burn and I am thankful I got it done and out of the way early. 

While Anna was at school I went to Panera was productive and got some blog work done. 

Look at Betty this was on day 4, since then she hasnt grown much. We are still learning. 

It was a gorgeous day and Anna wanted to be outside. I decided to be productive and start some yard work. Normally Brian does all the yardwork. This year it isn't the top of his priority (we have a bunch of other projects currently going on) I am removing these 3 ugly prickly bushes. I got one out, I saw shocked they had bright yellow roots. 

Anna loves dogs from a distance. She get scared of dogs when they come up to her, she will scream or crawl up you. When she goes to my parents house they put the dog away so Anna has free range of the house. She went to our neighbors house with Brian and Austin and they had a dog. It is a beagle mix. Anna sat down and petted the dog, as long as I was there too. She did very good with him. 

Friday May 20

We have a runaway and a start of a hot day. 

Grocery pick up with Instacart again. 

I was so happy they had vegan cheese. 

It was gorgeous outside. We spent most of the evening outside. 

Next to the kids playhouse is a deer. This deer kept hanging around the house Friday night. She kept running into the woods then a little bit later she would be in the yard again. It was weird and random. and we only ever saw one deer. 

Saturday May 21

Saturday was another hot day. I started some more yard work in the front yard then Ella asked if they could play in water. I dragged out the kids baby pool and carried buckets of water to fill it up. The outside hose spikets weren't working and Brian was busy doing something else. (i think they are turned off in the basement but Brian still hasn't checked). Austin and Anna played in the water until lunch time. Ella stuck her feet in for a few minutes and that was it. 

The reason the deer was running around crazy. Another deer had a baby in the woods next to our house. We saw it crossing the street earlier in the day and coming back later in the deer. It is so small and cute and still walking with a wobble legs/ 

My outside little girl. 

She has no fear being wild and climbing some logs we have stacked up. 

Ella had a sleepover with two friends at our house. After dinner Austin went to spend the night at Grandma's so the girls could have their own time. For the most part they were good. 

Sunday May 22

Two girls in one bed

and one on the mattress on the floor. 

For breakfast they requested multicolored pancakes and we delivered. 

Anna got to help mix our pancakes that were not colored. 

The girls pancakes and bacon when they eventually came downstairs to eat. They were to busy playing Roblox so they had cold breakfast. 

Brian is working on finishing up the half bathroom. I steam removed all the wallpaper, He took out the vanity and toilet to get more room and to the walls better. Anna helped wash the walls to prep for paint and new floors. 

One of Ella's friends left at 1030 to go to church, the other girl stayed until 1. 

Brian and I did some things around the house while the kids played. Then my parents and sister came over for dinner and to discuss some things for our upcoming vacation.

We ended the night giving the kids baths, bedtime stories, and bed to prepare for the week ahead.

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