Trader Joes Favorites

Hey loves. Who else loves Trader Joes? I have been going a lot more often, at least every other week. We have our staples that we love and then fun finds each time. I also follow Trader Joes List over on Instagram and she posts new finds and favorites. 

I am sharing some of our family favorites, current loves, and must haves. 

I am loving these Gluten free english muffins. They are also dairy free so light and fluffy. 

Chopped kale is all me, no one else in the family will eat it. I love to add it to my shakes, as chips in the air fryer, and to a salad. 

These were an impulse buy as we were at the register. Austin was complaining he was hungry. I had seen Trader Joes List on Instagram. They turn out to be a new favorite for the kids. 

Mandarin Orange Chicken is always a family favorite. We make with a side of steamed broccoli and brown rice. There is always a bag in the freezer for the nights we don't really want to cook. 

Dairy Free creamy cashew yogurt alternative. My favorite way to eat it is with a little honey, air fried apples and cinnamon. I also have used it in recipes that call for Greek yogurt. 

Easy burgers. Add a little seasoning, throw on the grill or in the air fryer. Bonus my kids eat them. There is only 4 in a box so we have to buy two boxes for the 5 of us. I will use the leftovers on top of my salad the next day.

This is one of my favorites. DO NOT follow the directions on the bag. I add them to a hot pan with some coconut oil, then transfer to the air fryer to get them nice and crispy. Brian recently added the leftovers to ur eggs the next day and it was delicious that way too. 

Dairy Free and Gluten Free dark chocolate chips. 

Austin's favorite healthy snack for school. 

Great peanut alternative. My kids prefer the sweetened jar, I prefer the unsweetened. 

I bought these for Anna on mistake a few months ago. They barely lasted two days with everyone in the house enjoying them. 

Hashbrowns that don't have the added garbage to them. Great in the air fryer. 

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  1. I love Trader Joe's. We find a lot of good things there!

  2. Yes LOVE Trader Joe's- thank you for sharing your finds! Can't wait to go soon :)


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