Last Day of School

 Hey loves. The day has finally come. My kids last day of school for the 2021-2022 school year was on Tuesday. We seemed to be one of the latest schools to let our in our area. I know other schools in different areas go until the end of June.

  The kids had a great school year, even with a move in the middle of the year. The switch ended up going smooth and better than we ever anticipated. As a parent you're always afraid how they are going to transition in a new school, make friends, do academically, etc.

A little about each kids year:

I don't talk about it much but Austin has a speech delay and an IEP with it. At his new school they are working with him 4 days a week and we have noticed so much progress in being able to understand him. They are also going to continue working with him throughout the summer. (his old school was once a week and no summer offering for help). He is still struggling with his alphabet but that goes back to his speech. He is really good at math and has found a love of drawing. 

He is going to be my trouble with girls. He currently has a wife named Olivia and last I heard 2 girlfriends. He is such a ladies man.

Along with Austin's speech therapy which is 30 minutes a week for 6 weeks over the summer, he is also doing a summer program to keep him learning. It is all virtual and self paced. He will have to check in with a teacher once a week. We will see how it goes. 

Ella made a few new friends, plus friends in our neighborhood. She joined basketball and soccer, basketball is going to be her sport. The only real negative was all the clubs that were offered at her old school were not available at the new school, but they are all available starting next year in 5th grade at the intermediate school. Next year she also will have French, choir, and wants to play the trumpet.

At her old school Ella was struggling with reading, after testing at her new school they don't see the issue at all, she is actually above average. She also made it to regionals for a Science Bee, which would have never been available at her old school. 

Ella is growing so much into such a young lady.

Anna had her last day of perky kids which is preschool for age 2. She went two days a week for 90 minutes. It started off with lots of tears, after about two weeks she loved going. She has made a few friends, learned a lot including colors and counting, and sharing. 

Anna will be going to summer camp two days a week in July and August. In September she starts mini preschool for 3s, which is 3 days a week for 2 hours. 

Kindergarten Celebration

Austin had his Kindergarten celebration. They did a cute little alphabet program of things they loved or did throughout the year. His letter was U, they learned about the United States symbols. they sang a song with hand motions. It went along to New York, New York by Frank Sinatra, but was Here we come First Grade. It was so adorable and he actually did the hand movements. Here he is receiving his certificate and giving his teacher a high five

A picture of while whole class taken by his teacher. 

4th Grade Celebration

Ella had a 4th grade celebration and clap out at the end of the day on the last day. They had 2 parents for all 240 students. Parents sat in middle of the room with kids on the sides. They sang three songs each class came up so parents could get a picture, and the principal did a cute short commencement speech. Afterwards the siblings for the 4th grade students were released to their parents. Then the 4th graders walked all the hallways and all the students and parents clapped for them. They went to their classroom for the last time to grab their stuff then they were done for the year. It was very organized. 

Teacher's Gift

This year I did mini clipboards with a monogramed sunflower, a pad of paper, pen and a starbucks gift card. (Ella had two teachers)

Last Day of School Tradition

Ice cream before dinner.

I am so excited for summer with them. They are all growing up way to fast. 

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