Austin in 7

 Happy 7th Birthday to Austin. My sweet little boy who always has his mommy's heart.

Austin is growing up to be such a polite, caring, sensitive young man. 

He is my sports kids and wants to try/play them all. This past year he has played basketball, flag football, and t-ball. In the fall he wants to try soccer.

He loves to be outside playing in the dirt, riding his scooter, in the water or climbing the trees we had cut down. He also loves his time on the tablet playing Roblox and building cities.

You ask him for a picture there is a tongue sticking out or a funny face most of the time.

When is isn't fighting Anna he is a mommy's boy.

Blue ice cream no matter the flavor is his favorite. If it leaves his whole face blue the better.

Austin loves both his sisters and takes all the love, abuse, and attention from Anna. Ella is at the stage she doesn't want a brother. 

Austin loves helping in the kitchen or outside.

More random facts:

  • talks a lot when he is tired
  • is doing so much better in speech therapy and people being able to understand him. 
  • is a very picky eater. one day he likes something the next day he doesn't
  • could eat pizza everyday
  • loves our new house
  • only drinks water
  • loves trains and cars
  • wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up
Happy Birthday Austin. We love you so much. 

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