Birthday Party Recap

 Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. I am trying to get my life back in order. We are living on no schedule, enjoying our summer, hosted a sleepover last night, a mile long to do list, all while enjoying summer and being a mom. It is never ending.

This past weekend we celebrated Audrianna turning 3 and Austin turning 7 with family. We limited our list of people we invited, went ultra low key with decorations, and really enjoyed our time. The main reason was because our yard is currently a dirt pit from having trees removed and the stumps and roots ground up.Thankfully we did only have a small party because the day turned out to be rainy and crappy that the party was held in the garage and the house. 

Along with everything being low key I didn't take a bunch of pictures, most are from my sister or someone using my phone. 

Ella and Anna ended up wearing the same dresses. I had picked out a summery dress for Anna, but she didn't want to wear it and found the matching dress of Ella in her closet and wore that instead. 

This is the first year the kids didn't have a special cake with a theme. We got a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse from Costco. It was still good, a lot less stress and money to make something themed.

They didn't care either way. Also since Covid we no longer blow out candles on the cake with everyone around. We usually have cupcakes. We grabbed candles for the kids to blow out. 

Anna is ready to open presents. These are not all her's. Austin's gifts are there too. 

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