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 Hey loves. How was your Monday? Mine ended up being a lot crazier than I ever anticipated. Anna woke up way to early and threw off the morning that threw off the rest of the day. Ella had locker set-up that didn't go smoothly as her locked kept sticking so they are going to look into it. Out of probably 50 tries we only got it open about 7 or 8 times, the teacher struggled, we struggled, and the janitor struggled. There was also another issue that ended our evening on a  rough note. Thankfully everyone is ok and the situation is a big learning experience for all of us.  That being said I changed up todays post from what I originally had planned to some a little more fun (and less time consuming). I am stealing the idea from Lindsay over at Lindsay's Sweet World

I"m Currently:

Making: lots of lists 

Cooking: Right now (Tueday evening) Ella and I are making cake cookie sandwiches. It is a box kit.

Drinking: After the day I had I am enjoying some Peach Crown Royal on the rocks. Besides that I am drinking 80 oz of water a day, a cup of coffee, and either drinking or making a shake bowl.

Eating: Lots of food on the grill, salads, zoodles. Then on the weekends I seem to fall off track and it turns to pizza and wings. 

Reading: i just started the 100 Day Devotional Chase The Fun by Annie F. Downs and The All You Can Dream Buffet by Barbara O'neal

Wanting: To decorate for fall. I have put out a few things. Brian said I have to wait until September 1st to do any more. 

Looking: The green grass and big dirt pile in our front yard. I am ready for fall so we can remove bushes and plant grass seed. 

Playing: Princess Yahtzee with Anna all the time. 

Wasting: UMMM I wish I could say I am not wasting anything but that would be a lie. We have been slacking on eating leftovers so those have gone to waste. Some fruit and veggies have gone to waste but I have been feeding them to the deer. 

Buying: All the school supplies. We still have a few random things the kids need. I also have been told that sometimes each teacher adds to the list compared to the normal supply list that is sent out. I am sure there will be more we have to buy. I have also been buying fall and Halloween decor, mostly from Dollar Tree. We all know that if you don't buy it when you see it, when you go back to buy it, it will be gone. 

Sewing: Nothing, i can't tell you the last time I sewed something. I do have to sew Ella's patched onto her Girl Scout uniform. 

Wishing: hmmm what am I wishing for, that the weather was warmer so the kids could enjoy their last few days of summer before school stars, I also wish that school would start the kids are "bored" 

Loving:  Having the windows open and fresh air. Getting the house organized and starting to feel like myself again. 

Hoping: That Anna sleeps through the night. She hasn't the last few nights. 

Needing: Sleep and some time to myself. 

Smelling: nothing really, i still don't have my scent back from having Covid at Christmas. 

Wearing: My mom attire of yoga pants and tank tops with a sports bra. 

Praying: My kids transition to their new grade, school, teachers, friends, etc. smoothly. 

Thinking: Of Christmas lists already, Fall, Halloween, and Christmas decoration ideas

Opening: Lots of school supplies and amazon packages. 

Giggling: At Anna just being Anna. Her giggle is so adorable it just makes you giggle.

That was a fun change of pace. What are you currently....

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