First Day of School 2022

 Hey loves. We survived the first day back to school for the two oldest. Anna actually has one more day of summer camp then we have a full week of just her and me then she starts preschool 3 days a week for two and a half hours a day. She is so excited. 

Overall the day went well for my kids. Austin came home and talked our ears off about everything. Ella came home excited she made a few friends in her class. 

Ella started a new school this year going into 5th grade. She has a locker, her bus comes early, we leave at 7 to walk to the bus stop. Yesterday she was up at 530 for me to curl her hair (that was her choice).

Austin is at the same school but without his sister this year. He is taking the bus still. I am excited and nervous for everything. It is always a fear someone won't be able to understand him and he gets lost. Our morning was a little eventful with his bus arriving 10 minutes early so we were running to the bus stop. 

Ella Interview:

Grade: 5th

Age: 10

Height: 4'9.5''

Shoe Size: 5



Breakfast: beignet

Lunch: honey nuggets

Dinner: crab legs

Snack: mint oreo's

Book: Mal's Diary

Movie: Descendants 3

Tv Show: Mako Mermaids, h2o just add water

Toy: clay/craft

Activity: crafting

Thing I Did this Summer: went to MIssissippi, South Carolina, and Cedar Point

When I grow up I want to be: Art Teacher

I'm really good at: Math

I want to get better at: art

This year I want to learn about: USA States

I'm excited for school because: I get to see my friends again

Austin Interview:

Grade: 1st

Age: 7

Height: 46inches

Shoe Size: 1


Color: blue and red

Breakfast: cereal, pancakes, and French toast

Lunch: nutella sandwich

Dinner: pizza

Snack: goldfish, pirate booty

Book: Truck books

Movie: Star Wars

Tv Show: Lego's

Toy: lego and trains

Activity: going to grandma's

Thing I Did this Summer: play outside, went to the beach, Cedar point

When I grow up I want to be: semi or train driver or construction worker

I'm really good at: playing Star Wars

I want to get better at: math

This year I want to learn about: run faster

I'm excited for school because: snow and playing with friends

We had a great summer and I didn't want it to end. But I am so excited for the new adventures of the year. 

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  1. Lovely to hear that they had a fab first day back at school. I can't believe we are heading into September already! This year is flying by. #MMBC


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