Meal Planning Monday Week 103

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. Confession time. This past weekend I ate a bunch of crap. Food that I know upsets my stomach and shouldn't have been eating, and eating meal after meal day after day. I feel like crap, my stomach hurts, just blah. Why do we do this to ourselves, I know I am not alone. From having cheese to hot wings, deep fried, donuts, etc. 

I have cleaned out my fridge, made a grocery list, and put an order into Instacart to prepare for a good week and eat foods that make me feel good. 

What's on your menu this week?

Monday - Tortellini with homemade pasta sauce, I will have zoodles. 

Tuesday - Shredded Chicken Tacos on jicama wraps

Wednesday - BBQ shredded chicken sandwiches

Thursday - Tilapia Salad

Friday - Local Take Out

Saturday - Chicken Brats

What is on your dinner menu this week?

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