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 Hey loves. 

Monday August 1st

Up early starting the new day, new week, new month off on the right foot with a new workout program just 20 minutes 5 days a week. 

Ella had basketball camp this week. It was 4 days drop off at the rec center for 3 hours. The kids and I got there a little early to pick her up to see what they learned. 

Brian had a virtual showing out of town and invited us to go with him. It was a little over an hour drive down to Amish country. The kids picked two movies to watch in the van. We planned to stop at a ma and pa restaurant for dinner. We got there right around 5 and got seated right away. By the time we left there was at least a 30 minute wait. Had a delicious home cooked comfort food meal, did some window shopping and headed to the house for Brian to show it. Then hit the road and came back home. 
Pictured is my dinner, which was an open faced sandwich (biscuits) of chicken mash potatoes gravy and veggies. It reminded me of something I use to get in school minus the veggies. It was so good and there was so much of it. It made for a great lunch the next day too. 

Anna just watching tv so intensely. I really thought she was going to fall asleep on the way home but didn't. 

Tuesday August 2nd

Another morning another workout done before the craziness of the day. 

This day was a true taxi day. We dropped Ella off at basketball camp, came home for about 2 hours, then dropped Anna off at summer camp. Picked Ella up from summer camp home for an hour then picked Anna up from summer camp. I have been having my shake at home but with all the craziness of the day I made my shake before running out the door for the mid day drop off pick up. It reminded off when Ella was in preschool I use to have my shake everyday during school drop off. 

From all the driving around wore Austin out he needed a nap. 

Wednesday August 3rd

Getting into a great routine of getting up, doing my morning mindset, drinking my pre-workout and pressing play on a workout. Thankfully I did this because we had an eventful day ahead. 

As we are getting ready to take Ella to basketball camp we lost power. There were a bunch of electric company trucks down the street at the main boxes, as all our wires run underground. They picked the worst day as it was set to be a high of 94. We changed our plans and grabbed everything we needed to go back to school shopping. 

Austin, Anna, and I went to Starbucks because I never drank my coffee then to T.J. Maxx to get them both bookbags. Austin got a good quality bookbag so hopefully it will last through this whole year and then some. Anna picked out a Frozen backpack. She had previously been using Austin's old preschool bookbag and didn't have one of her own. 

Next we headed to Target to get all of Austin's school supplies. We were able to almost everything. When we were done we still had a few minutes before it was time to pick up Ella. We stopped at the house to see if the power was back on yet. It was not. 

While waiting for Ella's basketball to end we went in the family bathroom. Anna thought the hand dryer that blew her hair was the best thing ever. 

At least she looked like she was trying at the camp. 

I got the notification that the power came back on but knew the house would still be hot so instead of going home we went out to lunch. Ella requested to go to McAllister's the other day. Anna was full of piss and vinegar, didn't want to sit down, didn't want to eat, wanted to hug Austin then tried biting him. Oh the joy of a 3 year old. 

After lunch we went home, relaxed and enjoyed the AC.

Anna asked to go outside and chalk. It didn't feel horribly hot out but the concrete was to hot for me to sit on. It didn't phase Anna.

Ella's Girl Scout troop had a volunteer's meeting that her and I went to. Then I took Ella to Target to get her school supplies. We also were able to find the last few things that Austin needed as they had stocked some items.

Thursday August 4th

Thursday morning was rough. I slept through my alarm, everyone seemed to have attitudes. Ella had her last day of basketball camp and she didn't want to go. Austin didn't want to take Ella and Anna to their camps. This was the only picture I took the whole day which was before bed.

Friday August 5th

This summer Anna has liked going with me to pick up Ella from her dads. During the school year Anna is still usually sleeping when I leave but over the summer we are picking her up later so Anna is awake and wants to go with me. She also wants to go in the house to pet Ella's dog.

morning cuddles 

Anna talked Ella into going swimming with her and they each had their own babies. 

Ms. Mama deer thinks she is a bird and ate all the bird food. 

And it wasn't like there wasn't any food in the deer feeder either. 

Saturday August 6th

Saturday full of adventure. Started with going to the farmers market to look for honey sticks for Ella. The stand that sells the honey sticks wasn't there. This weekend there were actually a bunch of different vendors. We got our coffee and headed to grab breakfast. 

Breakfast was bagels with cream cheese from Bruegger's 

Next stop was the zoo. Last time we went there were 6 kids and we didn't get to see everything Ella wanted to see. This time we did what Ella wanted to see first. 

And made Anna and Austin happy by riding the train.

yes she is kissing the monkey


another baby

Anna did a lot of walking. Next year we may not need to take the stroller (but then we would have to carry our waters)

This little man complained he was tired before we even got there.

This one said I'm not going to take a nap. (the paper is Anna cut her with her fingernail)

It was a hot day at the zoo. It reminded me of when we are Disney, but not an Animal Kingdom day at Disney because those days are always over 100 degrees with our luck. 

We ended our night checking out a soft opening to a new restaurant Salty Mary's. It is an oyster bar and I tried a fried oyster for the first time. It was really good. All the food we got was delicious and we plan on going back in a few weeks. 

Sunday August 7th

A slow start to our morning. Anna grabbed herself a chair to help with the cooking. 

Brian made stuffed cream cheese crepes. They were so good. Austin ate his so fast. 

Another hot day with storms in the forecast the kids got in the pull early while Brian was cutting the grass and I was enjoying my coffee. 

Ella had another lemonade stand. She sold 3 cups, and gave 2 away to friends. She was out there about 30 minutes. Then her and I headed out grocery shopping. 

We also made a quick pit stop of Volunteers of America. We went to see if they had a dress for her to wear to school on the first day. They had a bunch of cute ones in her size, which you never know what you are going to find being a second hand store. She found 7 dresses that she liked. The one pictured still had tags on from Nordstrom.

Anna had to play dress up too.

Hope you had a great week. 

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  1. Hi Adrienne! What a busy but lovely week you guys had. Well done on your fitness goals. I too am trying to be more active, so far so good.
    I hope you have a fab week ahead and hope to see you again at #MMBC. Take care x 😊


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