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 Hey loves. It has been forever since I did a 5 questions post. I did a question box on Instagram over the weekend. I randomly picked 5 questions to answer here. 

How do you decide what activities you kids do? Do you limit them?

Our current agreement is they are each allowed to do one sport at a time. We haven't started Anna in anything besides preschool, she will probably start a sport next year as she is only 3. Ella and Austin are still trying out sports and seeing what they like. Ella has been showing a big interest most days in basketball. Austin currently is playing soccer. 

Beyond sports we are open to any activities/club/etc that that kids want to do that don't conflict with each other. There hasn't been much offering and/or interest of Austin in 1st grade. Ella is still in Girl Scouts in our own old city which she loves. She is doing band at school playing trumpet, that will potentially turn into weekly private lessons. She also has mentioned being interested in student council and art club.

Brian and I want our kids to be active, physically, in the community, and with friends. We are all for letting them do all the things we possible can that they are interested in. We do not force our kids to do something, but if the say they want to do a something, we sign them up for it they do have to finish out the season even if they don't like it. Last note they have to keep their grades up and do their homework to be able to participate in any extra curriculars. 

How do you stay on top of laundry?

I have a laundry day, which is Fridays. Every Friday I wash all the dirty clothes in the house. This usually ends up being between 5-7 loads. When taking clothes out of the dryer I pull anything that wrinkles easily (Brian's work clothes, Ella's dresses) and hang those up immediately. Laundry gets folded Saturday or Sunday while I watch tv or listen to a podcast. 

We have laundry baskets in each bedroom, and one in our mudroom. This has stopped with my kids leaving laundry sit random places (like socks in the living room).

We are potty training right now. With that I am doing small loads of Anna's clothes usually every other day.

How are your kids liking school this year?

Ella- Likes school besides issues with her locker not working and having to carry all of her stuff everywhere. (We are still working this out with the school, it seems to be a common trend). She is enjoying band and making new friends.

Austin- Says he likes school, doesn't give you a hard time to go, and favorite thing is recess.

Anna- Loves school. She only goes three days a week and asks me everyday if she has school. 

What is your favorite part of your new house?

I love having more space (which also means more to clean), the kids having their own rooms, and a bigger kitchen. Our house also have a fireplace that we use a lot in the winter. The main reason we wanted a bigger house is to host family get togethers (and for the kids to have their own rooms) and we now have that option. 

My favorite part that has nothing to do with the house is the location. We have woods next to our house that the deer frequent. They are so peaceful and calming. 

The neighborhood is also great with kids and friendly welcoming people. Everyone says hi, talks, and gets together. 

How many days until Christmas?

102 days, not that I have a countdown going. 

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